Type 2 Diabetes and Sleep Troubles

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Although this article was written basically for T2 Diabetics, the same conditions, symptoms, and problems apply to T1 as well. I found and was found by a sleep study to have just about all of the symptoms described in this article and I am a T1. I had also put on a lot of weight after my bypass surgery.

I was waking up during the night gasping for air. I would toss and turn during the night. Start out the night on side of the bed and by morning be somewhere else entirely, on the bed.

The sleep study found that I had a lot of spastic type movements with my legs in general. I suffered from RLS too. I stopped breathing in my sleep several times a minute! I was shocked by what they found out!

I now sleep with a CPAP and get a very restful nights sleep. I am so thankful my doctor sent me to have the sleep study done! (I also don't snore anymore. LOL Yes, this woman is admitting she snores!)

I hope this article helps someone else, like my doctor did for me. Oh, and yes, I was tired all the time and would fall asleep at the drop of a hat! I don't do that much now, but that's another story…


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ReaderReader12 2014-08-23 07:12:40 -0500 Report

I had a sleep study years ago and I was told I spent a 1/3 of my sleep not breathing…wow no wonder I was always tired. Now I sleep much better with my cpap machine.


jayabee52 2014-08-22 23:41:47 -0500 Report

Howdy Teresa
Back in 2009 I had a sleep study done and I went to a sleep clinic and they fitted me with a box which recorded my heartrate, breathing, O2 saturation in my blood, and something else. (I forget what else). After sleeping a night I was to take the box and return it to the clinic office and in a day or two they would read it and call me with results.

As it turned out, I had mild to moderate apnea. A cpap machine was offered but I deciined. I didn't think my problem was that serious. A couple years later I lost 65 lbs and the snoring went away (at least so I was told).

Today it is my bladder which gets me up 3 or 4 times a night, but that is a whole 'nother discussion.
God's best to you

TLTanner 2014-08-23 16:09:10 -0500 Report

Yeah, I need to lose about 100lbs and my snoring and sleep apnea will probably go away. In the meantime, I have to sleep with it or I feel like I'm drowning. I also have that night-time, nose swelling shut thingy. LOL Although I take medications for it, having the CPAP has seemed to help in that department too. I'm glad you don't need one now, James!


GabbyPA 2014-08-22 05:45:57 -0500 Report

I wish there was a way to get help without the sleep study. I cannot afford to have it done, but I know I have some of these symptoms too.

msann 2014-08-22 23:06:52 -0500 Report

hi gabby I take sleep aid zoliperm doctor said keep weight going down since I have lost down to 243 my hubby says I don't snore that way anymore we been walking 9 miles a week now we proud of our selfs!!!

GabbyPA 2014-08-23 08:43:04 -0500 Report

As you should be. When I lost my 80 pounds my snoring pretty much stopped. Now it's only an issue if I am congested. We also purchased a Sleep Number Bed a couple of months ago and it is working quite nicely...I am a 55

TLTanner 2014-08-22 17:09:40 -0500 Report


Have you discussed this issue with your PCP or diabetic doctor? Snoring is not normal for anyone and suggests there is a problem somewhere. Waking up gasping for air, as you may have guessed, is not normal either.

I'm wondering if you could get one without the sleep study but only your doctor can answer that, I think. Good luck and I hope you do find a solution fast!



Glucerna 2014-08-21 17:34:15 -0500 Report

Thanks for posting this article. We often don't realize how important sleep is to overall health, and I think people put up with inadequate sleep instead of talking with their physician about it. I'm glad to hear you're doing so much better with the CPAP. ~Lynn @Glucerna

TLTanner 2014-08-21 17:51:12 -0500 Report

Oh, it was horrible waking up several times a night gasping for air. I just knew there would come a day that I wouldn't wake up! Not to mention, the snoring was horrible! It's pretty bad when you wake yourself up with your own snoring! LOL

Thank you for your comments! Much appreciated!


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