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I was recently diagnosed and its been overwhelming for me. I find myself freaking out. Ive always struggled with my weight and now that I have to take care of myself even more makes me freak out. Ive been checking my sugar like crazy… I dont have my basic info class schedule till the end of this month and honestly the thought of having diabetes scares me to death. Ive been reading and browsing on this site, and have found it very helpful… Any tips, suggestions I can get will be deeply appreciated.

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Hello and welcome.
Being diagnosed with Diabetes is scary and a bit overwhelming but as you learn about it and what works or doesn't work for you, your fears will subside and you'll learn to accept it and go with the flow. I was like you at first, I wanted all the answers TODAY and I wouldn't wait. I was afraid of the complications and no one told me that complications don't happen just because you are diagnosed. They happen if you don't learn all you can and do what works for you. There will be much trial and error for you with food and exercise until you find out what that is. Classes will teach you how to count carbohydrates and most of all what they are. Take a deep breath, now exhale slowly and take this one step at a time. We're all here for the same reason so I'm glad you found us. For starters, when you have dinner tonight eat a little less of the starchy foods and a little more of the vegetables and have a nice glass of ice water with it. Then after dinner take a little walk around your neighborhood… 5 minutes, 10 minutes…
There, you are on your way to helping yourself control your diabetes by doing just those two little things. :)

Hang in there

Latte Lady
Latte Lady 2009-05-01 13:03:06 -0500 Report

Until you have your classes, do as much reading as you can. Plus start working on your weight. Using a healthy program. There are a lot of flaky ones out there. Basically healthy eating of the basic food groups. Moderation is the key, esp with the carbs. Do not think of it as a 'diet'. You are on a diet until you lose weight. A weight loss program is for losing, and then maintaining, for life. So be sure it is realistic.
Exercise. Personally, I find it absolutely mandatory.
Something that I find when I go to the doctor, as like Lady Di, I have a list: I try to be between the doctor and the door. So all my questions are answered before she/he leaves. ;) Works for me.
You, like all before you, will have your ups and down.

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yes i felt the same just an other agrevation i thought but graduly you come to terms with this. this is a good site to be on you learn so much the people are realy good and help a lot with their stories i learned that i should not complain about this as some are much worse off with this deases than i. have been able to lose some weight and stick to a diet but for how long i do not know. it is a chalenge but some how it will work it self out. i watch my carbs and measure my food. that is the only thing that works for me.good luck.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-05-01 12:21:11 -0500 Report

None of us was happy to be diagnosed with diabetes, but I think most would agree that there are far worse things we could be dealing with. I would encourage you to do your own research, being careful to gather info from reliable medical sources. Information on this site is extremely helpful, but keep in mind that we are not medical professionals. Your first and primary source of information should be your doctor. Be prepared when you visit with him/her. Have your questions prepared and in writing beforehand, and DO NOT be intimidated or afraid to ask questions. Questions will continue to pop up, so have a place where you keep an ongoing list.

So that you and your doctor can best handle your diabetes, keep careful and consistent records of your BS readings, what you eat, exercise, etc. Try to determine the things that cause your BS numbers to increase drastically.

Also important not to panic or feel overwhelmed or that you've been given a death sentence, as you will often hear people say. That is not the case. You need to accept that there are changes that must be made in your diet and the way you exist, but it is doable, and it is not unbearable. Frustrating and annoying at times, but definitely doable. Considering the complications that can come from not taken good care of yourself, I think you'll agree that doing without a few things and making a few changes is certainly the only option.

Hope you have a good relationship with your doctor, and that you will be given good instruction and feedback…good support from the doctor, your family and your friends. All of that is important. Be patient and realize that you will not immediately get it all together and that you will fail at times. But it is important to keep working at it and to be determined that it will not prohibit you from living a full and wonderful life.

Good luck! And do continue to go through past discussions in addition to the new ones. There's a ton of great information available. Check out sites such as the American Diabetic Association, Web MD and the huge number of sites out there for diabetics. You can do it!