Positive message for the day: You can learn anything

John Crowley
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One of the most challenging things about diabetes is that just when you think you've got it figured out, you discover there's more to the puzzle of living with this disease. It can be discouraging. But the truth is, we're up to the challenge. We can do this. We can learn what we need to know.

I want to share with you an inspiring video. This comes from a website I've come to love. It's called Khan Academy. They produce videos teaching you just about anything you want to know. (Not really about diabetes or health topics—yet. But about tons of cool stuff.) This video is about how you can learn anything. I thought it was awesome and just might make your day a little better and give you the courage to keep trying.

So check it out: https://www.khanacademy.org/youcanlearnanythi...

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ReaderReader12 2014-08-27 11:54:46 -0500 Report

Love the video and I know I can learn algebra…don't have to like it, but I will learn it. That is the only class I need before I can graduate with my Associate Degree. Yikes…lol I will never give up. That video was a very nice reminder.

Love Khan Academy

Thank you,

GabbyPA 2014-08-21 06:25:24 -0500 Report

I have seen them advertized on TV and thought about digging in a little bit to see what they offer. It's true, we can learn anything. We just have to have the motivation to start, the patience to fail and the determination to finish to experience the reward of learning.
In fact...I just signed up.

ReaderReader12 2014-08-20 16:07:48 -0500 Report

I love Khan Academy my son told me about it a few years ago as I am trying to learn algebra and I say still trying to learn it. In fact it is all I need before i can graduate with my associate degree. It is still a huge road block. Not for ever, but damn it is pretty solid right now. Anyway I do some work on Khan just about every day and it is helping a little bit. Maybe by you mentioning it someone else with find the site helpful. Thanks.