Good morning diabetic family!

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Started 2014-08-20 05:09:45 -0500

Have any type 1 diabetics experienced this? For the past month I have been waking up to sugar lows and been high during the day. It's almost like I grow a brand new Pancras while I sleep and it dies shortly after I wake up. I have not changed my insulin doses or lifestyle. Help my children would like their mother back instead of living with a space cadet due to lack of sleep.

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Type1Lou 2014-08-20 14:56:58 -0500 Report

Before beginning to pump, I was on Lantus and Novolog. I had been experiencing a lot of serious morning low BG's. When I sought out the help of an endo, she actually changed my Lantus dosage from bedtime to morning and that helped a bit. Although Lantus does provide a 24 hour level of basal insulin, it does "peak" a bit not long after taking it as I understand it…something worth looking into. Because I wanted even better control, I eventually decided to try pumping insulin and have been doing so for 3 years. I'm sorry I resisted using an insulin pump for so long and hope I never have to return to MDI.

wraithmb 2014-08-20 08:36:03 -0500 Report

What type of insulin are you on and how are your sugars before bed? When and what do you take for a basal and bolus? I know when mine were going low at night it ended up that I was seeing a "peak" from my lantus about 4 am or so.