insuline shots

ali eletre
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I was taking bills befor until my blood sugger level go high to 520 & the doctor discrip for me the insuline .. now I dont know if I well cotinue with insuline to keep my blood sugger level low or I can retern to bills again

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ewskis 2009-04-30 08:56:15 -0500 Report

Hi Ali,
Welcome, Some of your experience with being diagnosed with diabetes sounds similar to yours. At 54 I started with oral meds and that worked for about 3 years and as it was explained to me my pancras would eventually stop producing insulin. which it has. For 3 years I struggled with MDIs but with not very good control My Diabetes team suggested that I should consider the insulin pump for about a year I resisted but finally out of frustration I gave in and and since I have been pumping my BG has been at is best.
What I am trying to say is with BG as high as you are experiencing I would say don't wait. everything you do to lower your BG will improve your health