Eyes and Fears

By Jeff82 Latest Reply 2014-08-20 14:08:15 -0500
Started 2014-08-19 15:45:51 -0500

It was time for my bi-annual eye exam yesterday, and there is nothing quite like the sting of when those drops of fire dilate your pupils.
After being diagnosed at 9 months old, and diabetic for 31 years, losing my vision is the biggest fear I have as a diabetic. Thankfully my appointment went great :)

But here is the question I have for everybody-what is the POTENTIAL complication from diabetes that most intimidates you?

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Jeff82 2014-08-20 14:08:15 -0500 Report

I think all of them are scary, we have a disease that can affect nearly every organ in our body if it's not taken care of.
I personally fear losing my sight the most, and truthfully, I would agree with you Gabby and W, hands/feet/touch is next in line.

wraithmb 2014-08-20 08:41:45 -0500 Report

To be honest every single one of them scares me. I can't imagine living without a leg and not running with my kids, or losing an arm and not being able to do my job. I think what scares me the most would be losing the ability to digest solid food, and never being able to sit down and have Christmas dinner with my family again…

GabbyPA 2014-08-19 20:06:16 -0500 Report

Loosing the control of my hands. I use them for my lively hood and cannot even imagine loosing the ability to use them

Type1Lou 2014-08-19 17:06:46 -0500 Report

Definitely, my biggest fear is losing my vision. I have had diabetes for 38 years; my Dad lost an eye to glaucoma and my Mom became legally blind in her 80's due to macular degeneration. Her mother and several of Mom's brothers and sisters also had macular degeneration. So, I'm dealing with the increased risk of blindness due to diabetes as well as family histories of glaucoma and macular degeneration. It's the impetus for keeping my diabetes under control.

haoleboy 2014-08-19 16:10:02 -0500 Report

Having lost the vision in one eye already I'd have to say losing the sight in the other.
Fortunately my Opthamologist shares my concern and we are taking what steps we can to insure the continued health of my good eye.


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