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I am a cyclist and I am a bit frustrated at how little information I can find to help me manage my T2 diabetes while trying to maintain a higher training load. My care team just has standard answers and my health coverage limits my choices. I have been proceeding by trial and error, but the errors can have serious consequences. When problems arise I am asked why at my age (53) am I pushing myself in my sport? I know that there are plenty of athletes with diabetes, where can I find more information?

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jayabee52 2014-08-22 13:59:05 -0500 Report

Howdy Oldbike
Someone just started a new discussion about why someone will get a high BG after intense exercise. You may wish to take a look there ~ http://www.diabeticconnect.com/diabetes-discu...

God's best to you

oldbikegirl 2014-08-22 14:59:11 -0500 Report


Thank you so much for your help and support. I don't have a computer at home and the majority of my library time is studying. I've received much helpful information It just takes time to catch up.

God's peace,

Glucerna 2014-08-21 17:42:51 -0500 Report

The book "Diabetic Athlete's Handbook" by Sheri Colberg is an excellent resource. Since you cycle, have you looked into the Tour de Cure, a cycling fundraiser hosted by the American Diabetes Association? http://tour.diabetes.org/site/PageServer?page... It's held in hundreds of communities around the US. There's also a Team Type 2 fanpage on Facebook that you might find useful. ~Lynn @Glucerna

Type1Lou 2014-08-19 17:30:01 -0500 Report

One of the gals on my Facebook Medtronic Minimed Ambassador site runs marathons using an insulin pump…but being Type 1 and using a pump may actually make exercising easier than if you're a Type 2 on oral meds. I googled "Diabetic Athletes" and came up with numerous sites. Here's a link to an article put out by the Cleveland Clinic on Nutrition for Diabetic Athletes that you might find interesting. http://my.clevelandclinic.org/disorders/diabe...

jayabee52 2014-08-19 15:50:31 -0500 Report

Howdy Oldbikegirl

There are folks here who do intensive physical exercise. Ask a question (perhaps as a new discussion), and wait patiently for those who know to find it. They may be able to tell you what information you seek.

You might also wish to go to Livestrong.com ~ http://www.livestrong.com/ Since this had been Lance's old site, there may be people there who could point you in the right direction.

I pray you find what you need between these two resorces


tabby9146 2014-08-19 11:15:48 -0500 Report

wow, surprised they don't have better answers, but it's great that you cycle so much, this is going to help and exercise is the best thing in my opinion that we can do for our diabetes, every single day. eating better helps too, but it must be combined with exercise. i'd hate for anyone to mention to me, that at my age why I push myself, geez. I don't blame you for getting upset or annoyed by such a response. I will be 50 before too long. I wish I knew where to find lots of info, on athletes and diabetes, just type it in on Google. I have read articles over the years about athletes who manage it well, some are type1 and some type2. I am sure there are others on here that can lead you to excellent sites.