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By vgarrison Latest Reply 2009-04-29 15:55:35 -0500
Started 2009-04-28 18:50:59 -0500

Ok so when I was diagnosed in September with a A1c of 12.7…so I just got it checked the other day (after badgering my DR…different story), I got the results today…its still 9.2.

I have been telling my doctor that I need something more done, because telling me that I'm on a sliding scale but I have no clue what the scale is, and not paying attention to anything I tell him, have been screwing me up, not him, ME!!!

So I got ahold of my insurance company and switched doctors today…hopefully I can get something better done now…I mean it's my life, my body, and I'm not willing to waste away to nothing of a human being because my doctor doesn't know or can't give a bother to help me.

Ok I'm better now, thanks for letting me vent.

Blessed Be

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GabbyPA 2009-04-29 15:55:35 -0500 Report

Hey, down is better than up and you can see you are going in the right direction. Just think, if you dropped 3 points this go, by your next A1c you might just be at 6. Maybe look at it that way. It is all confusing. I am on metformin and now combatting some 200's again. I have not had those for a long time. It sucks and it is confusing. Just keep on working at it. You will get it. It is a good thing to switch up doctors sometimes, they just don't know enough to really help you. I hope your new one is better.

Sarguillo 2009-04-29 13:21:00 -0500 Report

Vicki, its an up hill battle. 9.2 is better than 12.7 Hopefully your new doctor will explain what your sliding scale is and will work with you on your issues. Good luck, dont give up. I know you can do it.

ewskis 2009-04-28 20:25:00 -0500 Report

Hi Vicki,
I wish you all the luck with you battle, Although I haven't had the battle with Drs. When I was first diagnosed I was lucky enough to get into the Uof W diabetes clinic. I feel it is very important to see an endo for the best treatment. Add a nutritionist to that as well every thing you can do will help.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-04-28 20:20:58 -0500 Report

Hang in there everyone! It's a pain, but it's all a matter of balance for us. My doctor keeps stressing the need to eat at the same time each day, and 4 or 5 times daily, but that's very difficult when you work. For a while my numbers were very confusing and went up and down to the extreme, which is not good, of course. It takes a while and constant monitoring and work to achieve and maintain that balance. We just have to keep trying.

Lanore 2009-04-28 20:15:25 -0500 Report

Hey Vicki
I am now on novolog 3 times a day and lntus at bedtime, I ha ve had a cold and allerges for the last two weeks and am tried of havinf numbers over 200. My Dr knows ans said it is most likely from my cold…but everytime i take it…it scares me. I am just tried of not feeling like my self.

If you can get a Dr who will listen to you and help you. I will keep you in my prayers I know it can get over whemling at times,I've been over whemled for two weeks now. ;-) Lanore
Vent anytime!!!

2009-04-28 20:14:30 -0500 Report

Hey Vicki, I understand where you're coming from. When I was diagnosed in December my A1c was 13.9. I did the mail away A1c and it came back at 5.9, I also wound back up in the hospital around the same time and my A1c was 5.7. I was absolutely thrilled and the doctor's (about 8 of them said nothing about the 5.7) When I went to see my endo I took both tests and he told me it was a horrible A1c. I just wanted to scream. It was bad because he took the time to look at the numerous hypo's I had to bring it down that low. I get more and more confused. They had adjusted my insulin more times than I can count in those 3 months. What are we supposed to do? I wish you the best with the new doctor. Maybe you will get some real answers and the correct amount of insulin. Hugs, Angie

Lanore 2009-04-28 20:19:20 -0500 Report

Your Dr was not happy with that number? Man wish mine was that low, I don't think i understand why he/she thought that was horrible. Thats a great number. My Dr would have been over joyed with that number.

2009-04-28 20:22:41 -0500 Report

Nope, he said it was horrible, exact words. You would have to see how many times I went hypo 20 to 30 range for it to make more sense. He said he would much rather it be around 7.0. Those hypo's were extremely dangerous. Make any sense? :) Take care, Angie

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-04-28 20:26:19 -0500 Report

That does make sense. My doctor always looks at the highs and lows to decide if the A1c is "good" or "bad". You can't really judge by the A1c alone. Keeping the numbers consistant is best…not drastic fluctuations.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-04-28 19:17:17 -0500 Report

You're so right to make a change. Those numbers are not good, and it sounds as though you're not getting good advice, etc. This must not be an endocrinologist, huh? I think that might be who you need to see. Are you just on medication or are you also on insulin?

Hope you have a better outcome with a different doctor. You A1c needs to be below 7.0.

vgarrison 2009-04-28 19:53:33 -0500 Report

Thanks Lady Di,

I take Lantus and Novolog…Lantus at night and Novolog for each meal.

Nope not an Endo, but I'm on state Medicaid so my options are very limited…I'm just blessed to have insurance…


LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-04-28 20:00:34 -0500 Report

I thought you might be on Novolog, since you mentioned the sliding scale. Did the doctor not give you a sheet of paper with the appropriate dosages on it? If not, how did he think you were supposed to know? Has he had you check before eating and then using the Novolog? If my number is 150 or above, I'm supposed to use the Novolog before eating, based on the sliding scale that he gave me (so many units for 150-174, for instance, and up). Strange that you would not be given more instruction.

In any event, you've done the right thing. Hope it goes well.

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