I think I've found the holy grail to type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

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Now, some of this is going to be controversial, but hey, it's working for me and I believe EVERY diabetic deserves to know. I was diagnosed in January of 2013, and my honeymooning period ended about 6 months ago. Ever since then I've been looking for an answer to my high blood sugar. I ate what I thought was a healthy diet, low carbs, low sodium, low fat, you name it. I ended up discovering this girl named Freelee the Banana Girl on youtube, and she is doing what she calls the 'Raw Till 4' diet. She eats high carb, low fat raw vegan diet until 4 pm, and doesn't eat anything three hours before bedtime. One of the biggest myths is that 'Carbs make you fat', well, it doesn't. I've lost 20 pounds the healthy way trying out this diet. I've been on it since around April, and my glucose levels are never above 140, and never below 75. And I'm type one. I still take my insulin, but this diet has completely changed my life. It can completely reverse type 2, but unfortunately my pancreas produces no insulin. I feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I no longer have panic attacks either. I'm not asking you to completely change your diet, but please just look into it. I just did my first blood test, and my a1c was 5.2, and my protein levels, b12, and iron are better than it has ever been. My diet consists of in the morning, I drink a full glass of water, drink a fruit and fruit juice smoothie, for lunch I just binge on fruit, and for dinner I eat a cooked vegan meal. No restrictions. My diet is basically 93% fruit, and 7% vegetables. Now like I said in the beginning, I know that this is very controversial, but I'm just sharing my experience with this diet. I'm not telling you to switch to it, but just look up Freelee the banana girl. She changed my life. This diet started when I found out the FDA completely dropped its regulations on produced meat. And then I noticed the started putting aspartame in milk, and both milk and meats were making me sick. Plus I love animals. I'm just mad at myself I didn't start this diet sooner. I've never felt more in touch with reality, my surroundings, and nature.

Having diabetes is hard, and I want to do all that I can do to help.

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MrsCDogg 2014-08-12 15:54:49 -0500 Report

If it works for you then keep on keeping on. I know that it would NOT work for me. I would be feeling very unwell and my blood sugar would be completely out of control. Everyone is not meant to be vegan.

wraithmb 2014-08-12 09:05:27 -0500 Report

I can see this doing everything you say it does. But I have some questions. You say you are still taking insulin, which is good If you're type 1. The thing I would want to know more about is how often you test? I'd like to know what your sugar spikes to and how fast after a meal, but it could involve extra blood tests. Also, which insulin(s) are you taking?

Just my 2 cents here, but I'm thinking the high glycemic index for some fruits might be causing a spike, and they burn out quicker which could be causing lows… I currently have the same problem, my lows are outweighing my highs and my a1c works out to normal. Weight loss I would expect a lot of if you are eating mostly fruit.

Despite all my questions, I will definitely talk to my dietitian and endo about it to see if it could work for me.

theres.milk.in.my.boots 2014-08-11 20:06:06 -0500 Report

It worked for me. I've done a lot more research than just her, her videos were just the beginning. I honestly can't believe how under control my sugars are with how many carbs I eat. I only intake natural fruit carbs though, rarely any complex carbohydrates. I don't know why, but I can't like or reply on any of your comments. But either way, it doesn't hurt to do some research and learn for yourself.

jayabee52 2014-08-11 23:44:28 -0500 Report

I looked up Freelee on Youtube and she's got a lot of stuff on there. Thing is I have trouble pinning down what her main idea is supposed to be. .

IronOre 2014-08-11 01:01:29 -0500 Report

well, I am happy it works for you and
I am especially happy that you feel more in touch with reality, your surroundings, and nature

jayabee52 2014-08-11 00:59:09 -0500 Report

You're right on one thing milkinboots,

This is definitely controversial. I have not yet but will look up this Freelee and see for myself, and probably get back to you on this.

God's best to you and yours


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