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Okay, I'm 61 years old. Have always loved to walk but for a couple of years was very sedentary for reasons I won't go into. Also, I've lost nearly 120 lbs. over the course of several years. I recently realized that my feet hurt in two places on the bottom of both feet — where the bony part of my forefoot makes the greatest impact when I walk. There are small but very thick callouses there. The bottom of my feet no longer feel "meaty" when I massage them the way they once did. Is this a normal part of aging, or is this the result of diabetes? By filing down the callouses am I in danger of creating an infection? I use coconut oil to moisturize them and I'm careful not to sand down deep enough to damage any flesh (or at least I think so). These callouses really bother me when I walk and I want to start doing lots more of it — are socks the answer? My shoes are already quality shoes w/nice cushioning. Thanks.

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Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2014-08-10 09:23:29 -0500 Report

Hi New Song. Great weight loss!!! Ok on the feet situation, I used to walk " a lot, all my life, even bare foot " then I fell and broke my leg and had to have a steel plate and pins. It took a while to heal so I wasn't able to walk as much. When I was able to walk again, with out a walker or crutches, my feet had lost their extra padding. I have gotten some of it back but not all of it. I am no longer able to walk outside bare foot. I have at times got what they call stone bruise especially back when I went bare foot. Now I also get calluses. I think mine is due to the fact that I used to go bare foot and built up a lot of padding on my my feet, and now I don't. Some times calluses are caused by a shoe that rubs in a specific area, but not always. This all happened to me before I was diabetic, and when I was younger, So yours could be age and/or diabetic related, or because you weren't able to walk as much as you used to. So to cut a long story short I also suggest. Keep your BS as good as you can, get as much exercise as you can with out hurting your self ( every one is different ), and it is suggested that all diabetics see a foot doctor periodical. I hope this doesn't just confuse you. When all else fails I see a doctor, if I don't get answers I then see a specialist. Best Wishes

NewSong53 2014-08-10 17:01:40 -0500 Report

Sorry to hear about your leg break. I suspect the two years I was sedentary contributed to the lack of padding on my feet, because it was only after that when I noticed the problem of bony soles! I've received lots of posts urging me to see a podiatrist. Plan to do that as soon as I can — if nothing else, it might ease my mind. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Pegsy 2014-08-09 19:38:49 -0500 Report

First of all, congratulations on the weight loss! What an accomplishment to lose 120 lbs. I've lost 93 lbs. to date and I know how life changing such an accomplishment can be. I walk every day and find that a good quality pair of shoes with excellent support is a must. Even so I have a spot at the joint where my pinky toe joins the rest of my foot that developes a callous no matter what I do. While in the shower or tub, I use a pumice stone on it to scrape it away. If I don't do this often, it will grow back and sometimes become painful in my shoe. I have been doing this for years without any problems. I don't know how well your glucose is controlled or if you have any circulation problems in your feet. If either is a concern, I would highly recommend seeing a podiatrist regarding foot care, just to be safe. Also, my feet don't have as much "padding" on the bottom as they used to. I don't really know if it is from age or diabetes. It does cause me to be very picky about shoes and willing to pay more for comfort and good support.

NewSong53 2014-08-10 07:24:57 -0500 Report

Thanks, Pegsy! I'll just keep on sloughing then. I finally found something on the internet last night about how our feet age. Seems we lose some of the fatty cushioning as we age. Also, found some double socks with extra cushioning around those pressure points. They're about $13/pr. but numerous reviews said they last forever and are well worth the price because of the comfort. Because if my feet hurt I won't be as likely to walk. I was without meds for a couple of years and have been back on them less than a month. While off the meds I got a scratch on one of my shins that took forever to heal (it seemed) and the scar is gradually fading now that I'm back on them. Some of the things I've read about how gangrene starts really spooked me. Guess that's why the callouses suddenly became a big concern of mine. By the way, congratulations on your weight loss as well! It really does change your life — it's amazing how the pain goes away when we take that pressure off our joints, isn't it? At one point I had to sleep in a recliner with pillows under all my joints. So glad that is over!

Pegsy 2014-08-10 07:31:31 -0500 Report

I used to have trouble sleeping because my hips would hurt and when I got out of bed in the morning I had to do so slowly because of pain in my ankles. I am so glad I don't suffer this issues anymore! Do you think your are on medication temporarily again or do you expect to be on it for life? I started medication a little less than a year ago. I still have hope of getting off of it but am willing to accept if I cannot.

Please tell me more about these socks you found. Where can I find them?

NewSong53 2014-08-10 16:57:16 -0500 Report

I remember my hips, knees and ankles hurting before the weight loss. Now I have no pain at all — what a blessing! Glad you don't have that pain anymore either. I hope to be off medication at some point, but I know it will take time to change my eating , shopping and meal planning habits. When I don't eat right for a day or two it's harder to get back on track because I feel blue and extremely tired. I found those socks on I had a pair of these many years ago and they felt like butter!! Here's the link:

Pegsy 2014-08-10 17:18:32 -0500 Report

Thanks for the link. I will surelu look into the socks. You give me much encouragement about the hope of eventually being off medication. It is very important to me to be as healthy as possible or as long as possible with as little medication as possible. I try to be patient. I am finding that eating out at restaurants brings my glucose up no matter how hard I try to stick to healthy options. I am learning to prepare nearly all of my own food. I get the best control that way.

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