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Hi all, I'm 32 and just "diagnosed" with diabetes, but the dr didn't say if I am type 1 or 2. I'm assuming 2 since I am not being put on insulin, but I'm not on meds at all. Going to a "diabetes for beginners" class on Wednesday, but in the meantime I have no idea what I am. 2 hour glucose fasting test showed an average of 140 bg over the past 3 months, and an A1c of 6.5. Anyone know? Thank you in advance!

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Glucerna 2014-08-09 16:31:58 -0500 Report

Only your physician can tell what type of diabetes you have. You'll get more information in the class, and also has excellent information. Ultimately, the goal with any type of diabetes is to manage blood blood sugar levels with a combination of food choices and daily activity, and medications when necessary. There's good information on this site, and keep asking questions. ~Lynn @Glucerna

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