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I tend to be seeing more and more, especially newly diagnosed, people without a Meter and unsure how to get one. I am aware that some Companies offer one sometimes for free.

But my question is this. Are there any programs you may know of that allow the 'recycling' of old and/or unused Meters. I know we have two or three we never use, and there is nothing wrong with them. Maybe something we can all brainstorm on, and maybe develop new effort to do so, like they do with cell phones. And maybe this Site can be the Flagship for such a program.

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still free Just ask for medicare to cover ur matters Medicare will send company to deliver to ur house.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-04-23 10:07:19 -0500 Report

I like this idea. The only thing to be careful of is if your insurance company paid for your meter. Then they get all upset if you're giving it away.

But I know for most of us, we've been given multiple free meters as manufacturers try to get us using their test strips. I wish I had the resources to store and distribute everyone's unused meters. That would be a cool service. But we're a pretty small operation here.

Maybe this discussion could simply be a place where those who need meters can connect with those who have unused meters. Then arrangements can be made for delivery.

Anyone else have ideas of how to make something like this work?

alwaystryin 2009-04-23 10:24:22 -0500 Report

Oh John! Do I have ideas. There are multiple considerations that come to mind for such an endeavor. Medical, Legal, Financial, Logistics, just to name a few. But I also feel that with help, this could work. And I would be proud to put together some hard information to explore the possibility.

We have the ADA, AMA, UPS, Fedex and many more vendors that could be potential sponsors. Think of the positive PR anyone of those companies would love to have with such an enormous following, the Diabetic community.

Let's brainstorm!

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Had Bayer Breeze meter for 5 yrs and now I choose Bayer Breeze2 It's simple to use, can program through PC.

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The problem is most of the meter companies give meters out for free. At the diabetes EXPO last year there was like 3 companies that were giving out free meters. Also when I have had a problem with a meter and called the mfg they sent me a box to return the meter so they could examine it. The packaging was labeled MEDICAL WASTE and BIOHAZARD . As far as unopened test strips either your doctor or a local community health clinic would be able to give them to someone needy.

Sarguillo 2009-04-20 16:15:32 -0500 Report

I too have old meters that I no longer use. SOme of them are now outdated, I mean that the company no longer makes them and doesnt support them as well as they could. Harder to get strips for them and stuff like that. Others, I have passed along to others. Gave one to a good friend at work who needed one. His doc had not prescribed one for him. have given out thers. My assistant at work has one of my old meters. She is just under boarder line and wants to test every now and then. It uses the same strips as the one I now use so I keep her supplied with new strips every now and then. Yes, there are people out there that can use our surplace equipment. Hope you find a vinue to pass them out.

bigjrm45 2009-04-20 16:11:09 -0500 Report

I have given out three meters since I have been on this site,but the last one I sent out cost me $15 to mail out ,and with all the members we have it would take up alot of space to store them until it was needed,so I called my and they took in all my extra unused needle's about 600 and 4 vials insulinand ten pens and they will give it out to people who needs it but can't pay for it for freein my local erea so you do not have to throw them away in the trash,if you have extra stuff call around to local they might be able to get it to some-one in need

alwaystryin 2009-04-20 16:17:02 -0500 Report

There are a lot of considerations if such an endeavor were to be undertaken, however, if such a program would be deemed a good one, I'm sure solutions would be found.

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I don't know of any programs of that sort, but it is a good idea. I ended up throwing my old one away when I got my new one, but it was still a good meter. It wasn't broken, and worked fine.