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I am looking for advice on gastroparesis. My daughter has this and has been on liquid diet for months. I am concerned that she is not getting vitamins, etc. Also am looking for any meds that will help with this condition.

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BtersweetSymph76 2009-05-01 22:54:04 -0500 Report

I too have Gastroparesis and have been on and off a liquid diet. I've had gastroparesis for 7 years due to Type 1 Diabetes. My doctor recommended I drink several cans of "Glucerna" liquid drink supplement to get the vitamins and nutrition I needed. This is tailored for diabetics, but you can try something similar like "Ensure."
Also try to have various vegetable soups. If your daughter cannot have anything chunky in the broth, you can put the soup in a blender to get it smooth and easier to digest.
I hope this helps.


SkipT 2009-04-18 21:20:32 -0500 Report

I will list the recommendations of Dr. Richard Bernstein who's book I read repeatedly. He recommends:
1- drinking at least two 8 oz glasses of sugar free caffeine free fluid while eating, and chewing slowly and thoroughly.

2- reduction of dietary fiber

3- virtual elimination of unground red meat, veal, pork, and fowl

4- reduction of protein at supper

5- introduction of four or more small daily meals, instead of three larger ones

6- semiliquid, or liquid, meals.

In the worst case scenario, he suggests baby food, unflavored whole-milk yogurt, and whole-milk ricotta cheese.

If you can keep your blood sugars normal, you very well may reverse the damage to the vagas nerve, curing the gastoparesis. This may take months or years, he says.

Also a trick he recommends is to chew a piece of sugarless gum one hour before eating a meal.