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Here's a very simple way of eating and if anyone cares to try it and it works for you, well, then, you will the better all aorund person for it.

Its a very simple "diet" that everyone can follow:
8 ozs non fat yogurt or
4 ozs non fat cottage cheese or
2 oz.s non fat cheese or
2 eggs cooked in very little oil or
boiled with one of the above.
Add 6 ozs. any fruit and
1 oz oatmeal (blend with H2o & drink or cook
in water with nothing else or just throw
raw in yogurt and fruit.
I prefer to have it raw with yogurt & fruit.)


8 oz salad (here is where U can get creative
using mushrooms, sugar peas, spring mix
6 oz any cooked vegestable (again any vegi
except corn)
4 oz protien (try fresh protein if you can
because its much better than store
bought) but if it is not a possibility,
then eat as fresh as possible and any
canned protein (in water please) such as
tuna, fish, tuna meat, chicken)


Is the same as lunch.

At around 10:00 p.m. check your blood sugar & if it is low, then eat a small apple.

This is a very healthy diet and it works.

The longer you stay on it the better you like
it and the healthier you will feel.

It's very important that in the morning you ask your "higher power" for help and @night be grateful to them.

God gave us this way of eating & he helps us to live a better life.

My diabetes is marginal and I thank God for that and even though I only take a low dosage of oral medication, I've been on this diet now for about 3 months and I've lost 36 pounds. the woman who turned me on to this way of eating is a Diabetes Type I diabetic and her insulin intake has decreased considerably and her physician told her that if she keeps on losing the weight, he would take her off the insulin completely.

Everyone loses weight differently, so don't be discouraged. Just speak with your physician concerning this "diet" to see what he or she advices you to do. Not everyone loses weight like everyone else but whatever weight we lose, its much better for our diabetic way of life.

I hope this diet will enhance and give everyone a healthier outcome.


Rev. Jesus D. Perez
Sacred Ground Center

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kdroberts 2009-04-18 06:11:52 -0500 Report

It's a pretty sensible diet, not a million miles from what I base my way of eating around, I just eat a lot more because I need to. I couldn't do the breakfast though, too many carbs with the fruit and oatmeal, yogurt would push it further over the edge too. I would throw in a couple of snacks too, nothing fancy but stuff like nuts, small amounts of fruit, vegetables, that sort of thing.

Just one word of caution. Something isn't quite right with your friend. If you are type 1 your body is physically incapable of producing insulin and no amount of weight loss can correct that/ It is not possible for a type 1 to be taken off insulin. A type 2 who takes insulin may have the ability to be taken off all medications and manage just with diet and exercise, it just depends on if insulin resistance is the main cause of high blood sugar.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-04-18 06:20:44 -0500 Report

I have to agree with Kdroberts on this. I have been a type 1 most of my life(since childhood) and there is no way I will ever get off insulin. If there was a way I would of done it years ago or even tommorow if it just was found out…