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Hi Everyone,
After talking to John I wanted to advise everyone on what is going on with tour project.

We started a group on Facebook that you are welcome to join. It is just to keep everyone in the know with the project and what they need to do.
Our communities will be the home base for the project both and They are ready for you if you want to join and get involved in this world wide project. So far on Facebook wwe have 147 members and on Diabetic KID'z 4 L.I.F.E. pages on FAcebook we have 267 fans. So you have two places you can go now and sign up along with the communities

We need as many of you as possible since we it will take at least a year to get this off the ground and running up to speed.

There is no cost and never will be. No donations or nothing except your time and love to the project. Every little bit you can do is helpful so let me know if you have something like time to help out or love and I will be glad to take that as a donation. In the case of tis project, time, love and persistence is more important than money. Isn't that a great thing.

So join us. Let me know if you need help in signing up and I will guide you through.

If you are wondering this will be the most motivational event that you can do this year for you and another's diabetic health.


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