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Back in November of last year I received my blood test results and everything was fine. Then this May I was losing a lot of weight do I took another BT. My BS levels was t290 and my A1C was 11.2. I am not over weight ,eat pretty well ,no family history an I have a weekly exercise routine.
The Dr. Put me on 1000 mg of metformin twice a day and 5 mg of Onglyza. I also went to a nutritionist and he put me on a hight protein, high fat , low carb, no sugar diet which I have stuck to religiously. After the first month my BS levels were down below 110 and my A1C was at a 9.1, after the 2nd month my fasting BS was around 100 and my A1C was 6.0. I take my 3 month BT next week but as of Monday the Dr only has me taking 500 mg of metformin. With that being said has anybody heard of somebody totally reversing diabetes or is that a pipe dream?

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-08-02 20:23:03 -0500 Report

It is possible that you can get off meds and control your diabetes with diet and exercise. However that does not mean you have reversed diabetes. It just mean you are in excellent control.

VRELITE 2014-08-02 11:17:44 -0500 Report

You seem to be in 'ditto' same boat as i am. I was recently diagnosed Type 2. I am not over weight ,eat pretty well ,no family history and have a weekly exercise routine.

Two months ago when i went for my routine check up this year, my A1C was 6.1. I am not yet on medication and will be going for my test again in about a month.

But below is what I have been doing and has helped me because my body tells me so.

1. I do not eat anything after 7:00 pm.
2. I took myself off 'white sugar, white rice, white bread etc..
3. I got myself a blood glucose monitor.
4. I check my fasting blood sugar every morning which sets the tone for my diet for that day. It is usually 90-95. And an occasional 101.
5. I make sure i work out after sometime of having my dinner and go to sleep slightly hungry.
6. I drink plenty of water.

I will do my level best and then let the doctor decide.My next visit to the doctor will tell me if my efforts have paid off. I will keep you posted.

Good luck and all the best.

haoleboy 2014-08-02 14:13:29 -0500 Report

" I check my fasting blood sugar every morning which sets the tone for my diet for that day."
interesting … can you explain how that works?

VRELITE 2014-08-02 23:12:08 -0500 Report

Hello Haoleboy,

Good question. Sorry I was busy and just got to this. Ever since I found out I was type 2 (about a month ago i would say), I started maintaining a log of what I ate and my blood glucose levels at periodic levels for that day, including FBG. I usually like to have well-cooked oat-fashioned oats with walnuts, almonds and some berries for b'fast. If my FBG is a bit high, I don't have my favorite oatmeal b'fast, but instead have a veggie salad. I have my oatmeal for lunch instead. I mix n match but i do watch what i eat. Please let me know if I have answered your question. Have a good evening.


VRELITE 2014-08-03 00:58:57 -0500 Report

Hi Steve,

May I ask if this is helping you even as of today as well? I really don't want to take medication and am doing all i can to keep away from it.

haoleboy 2014-08-03 13:46:05 -0500 Report

I understand the desire to stay off medication. My goal is to get off the Metformin I am currently taking.
I have some what changed the reason for my morning finger jab. I was, like you, setting the "tone" for the days diet based on the initial reading, although I seldom was outside the 90-100 range so in truth it made little difference.
For the past 6 or so months I have been doing a form of intermittent fasting where I do not have my first meal of the day until 1-2 pm most days. I do occasionally check upon rising (8 am) but now only to make sure my liver behaved itself overnight.
If what you are doing is allowing you to maintain you target blood glucose levels then go for it.
Now I am curious about "well-cooked oat-fashioned oats" … I am a big believer in the health benefits of rolled oats but I always cook mine al dente (so to speak) … what is the benefit of having them well-cooked?
cooked well I do understand ;)


GabbyPA 2014-08-02 06:17:06 -0500 Report

It is possible to control your diabetes with diet and exercise. You adjusted at least your diet and it made a huge difference and that is fantastic. However, diabetes is not like the flu that you can get over it and go back to what you were doing before. It involves a lifestyle change and you are one of the lucky ones who is able to change your diet and take control.

There are many members here who have done just that. Changed how they live to control the disease. Keep going and you will hopefully be off all meds and continue to make strides in your levels. You have done a great job!

jayabee52 2014-08-01 22:34:33 -0500 Report

Howdy Pdiddy
You ask: "has anybody heard of somebody totally reversing diabetes or is that a pipe dream?" That depends on what the definition of "reversing" diabetes you use and what type of diabetes you have.

At first the way you presented the problem I almost thought you might have T1. But since you have responded well to oral meds I think that you are probably T2. If you were T1 I would have said that if you reverse diabetes it would mean lower your insulin intake to a minimum. But it would not be a "cure" (some folks refer to reversing diabetes in the same was as being cured of diabetes.)

Even with T2, We can reverse our T2, in the sense that we can even get off all diabetes medications (I did that 3.5 yrs ago). But that does not mean I am cured, since if I eat too many carbs my BG (blood glucose) level rises to dangerous levels.

There are those who will prey on people wanting a cure, and have suggested seeming everything under the sun as a way to get "cured" of diabetes. Macrobiotic meal plans, suppliments of all kinds and types from exotic places are offered in the hopes of getting us to shell out for their goods or services.
I have heard of people dying from following the diabetes guru du jour.

There are however those who are legitimate researchers who have suggested certain ways to cure diabetes. Read around this site, there are a couple of promising developments on the horizon which may lead to a real cure of T1 or T2. But currently those are merely possibilities in the small animal trials. They may find things don't work the same on larger primates or in the human trials.

So as things currently stand on this Aug 1, 2014 there is no known cure for diabetes of either type, and probably will not be for the intermediate future.

God's best to you


haoleboy 2014-08-01 21:20:01 -0500 Report

Is it possible to get off meds and keep blood glucose at "normal levels" by diet and exercise?

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