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do any other caregiver have these problems? mother-in-law does not want to get her type II under control! she sneaks junk food into her house via: friends, family, and now thru the mail!

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lipsie 2009-04-14 16:26:38 -0500 Report

Well, my fiance n I look after one another at times, but in this I would say I do him more so and he is constantly sneaking junk into his drawers to eat on. And I have him somewhat interested in some healthy eatting habbits…that I am myself learning more on, or even doing but he won't be fully on board. And his sugars run good usually so I think that is why he don't worry so much right now…I just worry yanno…things do change. But I feel ya! Sheila

cyncyn 2009-04-14 16:33:45 -0500 Report

hey, i know it's not easy. the cravings, and all. but today her fasting was over 200! you can ask her questions, even te dr. asks her about her meal plan, and she tells him, what HE wants to hear. then turns around and does the opposite. some days, i could SCREAM!!!!!!!! but i hold it in. so instead, i log on !

alwaystryin 2009-04-14 16:16:26 -0500 Report

Hi C, Did you tell me before, or on a post, that T2 is not her only ailment? Was the a Memory related disease going on also? Anyway, As my Wife's Caregiver, this is a common thing with her T1, like today. But it doesnt usually matter too much because the Testing numbers for her tell no lie's. I track mainly carbs, but every single one at every single time she may eat one, I track it. So when her numbers are high either I forgot something, or she 'forgot' to tell me. But then she ends up having to inject more novolog per the sliding scale just to get back more normal numbers.

So I have no real answer for this one for you dear lady!

cyncyn 2009-04-14 16:29:29 -0500 Report

yes, she does have some problem with memory problems, but when confronted, she'll smile and say," you guys thought you have it under control, but you don't. then, she'll laugh some more, and tell us, she hide it, and that we won't find it. and most of the time, we
can't. but her bs test tells on her. she had her son bring her bread on Easter Sunday, it is GONE!!! don't know what to do!

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