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Started 2009-04-14 13:14:37 -0500

I can get the bs under control by the foods I eat ,I exercise, but I have been at this point before what happens? it can get out of control again.How do we maintaine it when we get there. the last time I lost weight ate right and had pretty good control, then i had surgery and could not exercise, also due to high cholesterol,my diet changed so I got out of control but now I am back but can I keep in control?because sometimes life changes I think this diabetic connect has helped me, because before I had nothing to compare with just what the dr told me or what I could read. and didnt understand,so thanks every one for so much good information.

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cyncyn 2009-04-26 17:47:44 -0500 Report

now, this a new one for me. gonna have to find out more about these. this has never been mentioned by dr. another research session comin' on.
thanks guys,

alwaystryin 2009-04-26 18:13:15 -0500 Report

Hi Cyndi,

This has came up with us before, but never with this high a reading! Hope all is well with you and yours.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-04-26 19:06:40 -0500 Report

They had dip stick to check your urine for keytones. I ussally use them if I have high sugar and ussally sick and check to make sure my keytones don't spike. Keytones are were important to be aware of. It needs to be treated, nothing to play around with…Debe

alwaystryin 2009-04-26 17:39:50 -0500 Report

My Wife has been having very high spikes mid-day. Today, along with a 300+ reading her meter also had 'Keytones' displayed. Off to learn something else…

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-04-26 17:43:12 -0500 Report

Does your wife check her keytones? That when your sugars are elevated and you pee on a stick and it would tell you if they are high. High keytones are nothing to play around with. If they show high I will tell you to call her MD or visit the ED. Most of the times some monitors are registered to display keytone if high. I have checked my keytones many of times and yet they are normal. But it is a good reminder to check them if high…Debe

mamaoak 2009-04-25 19:20:44 -0500 Report

i read in the complete guide to diabetetes page 271 if you exersisevigorously or if you do not have enough insulinyou can experience the opsite efect a high blood glucose levelcan bee even higherbrcause of exersise some times during vigorus exersise, the nerves signalthe liver to releas stored gulose. this can happen with moderat exersises as well should check levels befor exersise and during and affter to make suer you levels arn.t going to hig or to low. if you are low when exersiseing in this situation ketones can produceand ketoacidois can reasult. how much food you eat

pop2 2009-04-26 11:18:33 -0500 Report

Yes diabetes suckes in every bodys situation with it, and all we can do is try to live better with it.Some of us have had it longer and may be little better at copeing with it, but when it comes right down to it we are all in this together our low's or high's our complication from it, it just gets you down some times because you never know how it will effect you later I am afraid of getting an infection sometimes you see what others are going through even though you think you are doing all the right things you still fear what if. Iam feeling a little mental to day My mother in law died from diabetes this time last year, after she lost weight and was on the pill she got sick lost her leg. and a few years before my mom died from it she was doing fine to and broke her ankle and it got infected she never recoverd, so yes I am feeling a little fearful about where I am with diabetes.

2009-04-18 19:17:04 -0500 Report

I just read a few of the posts here to my non-diabetic husband. Of course, he said we can eat regular food, just in, (and I HATE this word) MODERATION. I read him John Crowley's post, and he seemed to 'get it' then, thank you John!!

I hate having to be in control, I would rather be outta control!

lonewolf - 35747
lonewolf - 35747 2009-04-19 14:02:51 -0500 Report

living with it is hard, food taste bland now yuk but it does have to become away off life, eat right, exercise, can,t disabled, don,t forget the meds.

Anngelia 2009-04-26 13:09:28 -0500 Report

My non-diabetic husband drives me crazy at times. I love him to death but he thinks I should know exactly what every food is going to do. 9 times out of 10 counting carbs is enough but then…you have a complex carb or for whatever reason the insulin doesnt seem to match the carbs. It's enough to drive you to the point of going insane.

Janice5208 2009-04-14 18:34:21 -0500 Report

oddly enough ,we all have our moments. today ,I'm juggling working at night for a couple of weeks and mom having heart surgery. I 'm having to watch my diet since I'm staying with her at the hospital. I think I'd call it " Merry-Go-Round Time".

lipsie 2009-04-14 16:43:07 -0500 Report

I totally agree with you. I am layed up once again ill. I start to walk better, and something hits me and throw me backwards. I want to start talking walks but at this point I am lucky making it to the bathroom in my own home without a fall. Though, my fiance hurt himself yesterday so now we BOTH are layed up, but someone HAS to do things, like go to the store, pharmacy, ummm do laundy at the matt…and we do not have a car so we are on foot/bus/cab…but limited income so really on foot, except medical appts. we have a bus that'll pick us up at our door and take us to the appt. door…etc. So, in this we HAVE to get some clothes washed, cigs (which I may quit REAL soon) soooooo tomarrow am I will be attempted to walk with a suitcase/bag of small load somewhat clothes and walk it…I have to! He's on crutches! I have been using walker outside of here, in the cane so gonna just use the cane and pray. Wish me luck ya all!! Love yassssssss Sheila

dyanne 2009-04-15 00:55:42 -0500 Report

I am so sorry u are going through so much. Isnt there anyone who can help you both?.Would you be intitled to have someone come to your house and help out ?? I hope you look into it and pray something good happens for you guys. Wish I could help u some how…
Hugs dyanne

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-04-15 06:44:49 -0500 Report

You truly do need some help. I can't remember if you have family nearby, but I pray that someone will be able to help you a little. I admire your spirit and your amazing attitude and sense of humor. I hope you believe in the power of the Lord and the power of prayer. I'm praying very hard that your life and your health improves very soon. Wishing both of you a better day…

pop2 2009-04-15 17:58:41 -0500 Report

I sure hope things get better for you soon, be careful not to fall you don't want to break any thing you just take your time don't worry things will work out. continue to pray I will pray for you.

Brenda Kruse
Brenda Kruse 2009-04-17 14:55:57 -0500 Report

Hey, Sheila, I too am so very sorry your load is so heavy right now. I'm feeling that too with a broken ankle. I have a car, but can't drive for 6 weeks and it's only been 2. :( I will pray that things improve for you, but I feel I must add that if you gave up cigarettes you would have more money for a cab when necessary. And, you would probably feel much better. too. I know it's VERY hard to do, but with money so tight for most of us, that seems the most logical place to cut back and improve your health as well. You'll remain in my prayers! Blessings! Brenda

lipsie 2009-04-19 13:12:29 -0500 Report

Brenda, I do agree with you. Actually I just asked for a prescription for the patch from my md that's been on me to quit and he wouldn't even take time to write it, told me a site to check out tho so that's what I did. I dunno if they will send them to afterall or not but I filled out their ?'s, I am a heavy smoker…patch didn't work for me years ago when I smoked less BUT Imma try still. Thanks tho…Sheila

2009-04-19 18:36:56 -0500 Report

Hey Sheila,

I just started the patch 2 days ago, and I smoke about a pack a day. I have tried to quit 3 times before, and this time, I think I've got it! The biggest thing is your mindset, it's got to be in the zone.

Your doctor is a bozo if he won't write a script for the patch, my endo wrote one with no problem. Tell him either write the script, or you'll quit cold turkey and pay him a visit within the first 48 hours of quitting, hehe, maybe he'll change his mind!
Hugs n love,

lipsie 2009-04-25 08:43:59 -0500 Report

Okay I just wrote and dunno where it went so here I am again. I was wondering how it was going? And LMAO at the thought of going to my md the first 48hrs of quitting. My fiance Ty JUST put his patch on today, we found a site to get them free. But I am just not ready cuz I am hurting so badly I would not succed I just know. Sheila

2009-04-25 18:08:12 -0500 Report

Sheila, I've knocked out the first week, and I haven't killed anyone, and even my husband is still alive!!! I haven't had the urge to pick one up, but it is weird and you really have to adjust. Ty will have a harder time if you keep smoking, I know I wouldn't be able to quit if my hubby did.

My college teacher thinks I'm nuts cause I'm quitting a week before finals, lol. I told her, 'why wait?'

Hugs you, Joyce

Sarguillo 2009-04-14 14:41:19 -0500 Report

Control is the monkey on our backs at all times. Its somthing we have to remember. There are times, where I dont want to remember and will eat more normally (or more like I used to eat) and then I will see the next morning the results of what I had done. Like last night, I had a hamburger. Not just any hamburger, It had 3 patties, 3 slices of cheese and 3 slices of bacon. My numbers this morning were higher than normal for me. I just wasnt feeling all that much in control last night and didnt feel like watching what I ate. And wife was not at home, so it was just me and the dogs, and they wont tell. Oh well, Back to getting under control again.

2009-04-14 18:00:36 -0500 Report

I'm going through this same thing right now. My 'give a damn' seems to be busted. I don't know why, I don't think anything happened to push me over the edge, I just can't put a finger on it. I'm going on vacation and leaving tomorrow with this attitude has me concerned. Now if I can be concerned about it why can't I change it? I don't know why but when the 'burnout' comes, it comes in force… I'll get over it sooner or later.. Have to see the doctor tomorrow morning before I fly out so maybe he'll get me straightened out… lol


LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-04-14 18:20:05 -0500 Report

Boy, I'm having a big-time case of "burnout" lately. My 2nd one in the last year. I am so tired of having to think about it and just want to say !@#$ with it. As a matter of fact, I just polished off waaay too many chips with salsa. My next reading will definitely tell on me, even if the dog & cat do not. Had an A1c last Friday, and I fear it's not going to be all that great. And Easter also got me. One of my Sunday School kids brought me a big chocolate cross. How could I hurt his feelings and not eat it?! Oh, well. I just have to try harder, but it sure ain't fun, is it?

P2putt 2009-04-15 10:34:49 -0500 Report

How true. This is a struggle. For me it "going into a CARBO-FRENZY".It could be pasta, pizza, hoggies,or a number of grilled cheese sandwiches. However, your correct, we have to get back on track. We all can remember a period when we ate "Things we shouldn't almost all the time" So lets be fair with ourselves. Keep testing, get back on the wagon and remember we are recovering from faulty and dangerous eating habits, a genetically inhereted disorder, and many life circumstances that increase STRESS!!!

alwaystryin 2009-04-14 13:50:19 -0500 Report

This seems like a good topic, and time to report that along with the dilemma of the Holiday and eating correctly, my 'normal' usual insulin to carb ratio not working, and numbers all over the place, only of the virtue of running out of a novolog vial and opening a new one, did it re-dawn on me that our refill method and timing was exposing my Wife to expired insulin.

And if not for this type of advice to somewhat step back sometimes and re-evaluate, and the great advice from many here, and my own 'duh' factor, the corrections cannot take place sometimes, at least with a positive outcome. Should be getting back A1C later this week also.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-04-14 13:34:48 -0500 Report

Staying consistent is definitely one of the main challenges of dealing with diabetes. "Always" remembering to test. "Always" remembering to take your medicine. "Always" remembering to eat right.

But oddly enough, one of the other main challenges is dealing with change. It's amazing to me how simply the change in the weather can lead to lower blood sugars just because my son is out running around more. Then like you point out, a surgery or other health issue can not only knock you out of your routine, but also might require a permanent change of routine.

So we kind of look at it like a "flexible structure." :-) Try to do the things you know help as regularly as possible. But when you see they are not working as well. Do some extra testing and figure out what needs to change. Then adjust and start over.