Lets start our own lobbying of the white house.

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Hi all,

I know it has been some time since I have been active here on Diabeticconnect.com and I will try to do better.

Remember our little lobbying effort back during the presidential campaign? Well I am at it again and once again I am asking for your help.
I sent a message to President Barack Obama through The Office of Public Liaison at the white house website.


I am asking all who see this to also send a message from the same contact form. I am sure the web submissions are read by a staff member and President Obama may never see it unless there are several who also send a message. When you send yours please reference message from Toma Grubb Diabetic-diet-Secrets.com

Lets do a call for action for change we can believe in and echo Barack Obama's words, YES WE CAN.

First I ask you to read what I sent them. I posted it at:


Next, I ask you to go to the White house website posted above and send them a message also.

In the message I ask that you reference the message I sent them (from Toma Grubb) and www.Diabetic-Diet-Secrets.com

In the message please talk about your experience with type 2 diabetes and the need to focus on getting it under control. If you have benefited by either things I have written on www.DiabeticConnect.com or www.Diabetic-Diet-Secrets.com and want to add comment on that it would be appreciated. We need to speak up and be heard if we are going to get positive change.

I have sent this to 1311 in my newsletter mailing list to all my friends here and will now post it as a discussion.

Your voice matters. One person is easily ignored. Hundreds or thousands have a better chance of getting action. Please join me in this grass roots lobbying effort. Copy this and email it to everyone you know.

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