Because of diabetics....

By artqween Latest Reply 2014-07-29 18:59:58 -0500
Started 2014-07-29 15:19:29 -0500

Hey friends…
Who in here is getting to like cocktails
a little to much or possibly misusing
prescriptions due to their type 2 or
type 1 diagnose?? Diabetes is life
changing, and denial…

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haoleboy 2014-07-29 16:23:23 -0500 Report

abuse of alcohol is a disease in and of itself … no connection to diabetes other than providing the alcoholic with an excuse.
Sadly I speak from experience


artqween 2014-07-29 18:59:58 -0500 Report

To a diabetic who is possibly suffering, they don't see this as their excuse :( but…
possibly. different strokes for different … Depending on the severity :( hey Steve

Does this also Pertain to u??

jayabee52 2014-07-29 15:31:48 -0500 Report

Howdy Art
The misuse of alcohol or prescription meds is something which is not just limited to those of us who have diabetes.

When I was a boy in Ohio, the Dr in our small rural town had to leave town due to his addiction to opiates. So it isn't limited to those who have diabetes.

I agree that diabetes is life changing and denial, (putting my word in there) is really problematic for those who have it.

God's best to you

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