Psychological Insulin Resistance or any program by pharmaceutical company and diabetes organization for patient using insulin

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Hi, I have a relative who is recently diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetes.
The doctor said that his HbA1c is too high so that he needs to take insulin therapy,
but the problem is that he does not want to take the insulin.

I heard that there is a pen type insulin nowadays so that he does not need to use the syringes any longer, but he keeps on rejecting the recommmended therapy using insulin.

I was wondering if any member of this community has the same experience or have a relative who went through the same dilemna. Is there any program for T2DM patients using insulin operated by pharmaceutical companies or diabetes organization that can help my relative?

Thank you so much for listening my story.

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Glucerna 2014-07-29 16:15:55 -0500 Report

It's wonderful that you're trying to help your relative. Perhaps go to a diabetes education program or support group with him, and that way he'll meet other people with diabetes and can ask questions, get support, and hopefully feel more positive about insulin. Plus a diabetes educator can explore his resistance to insulin and help him come to terms with using it. ~Lynn @Glucerna

jayabee52 2014-07-29 13:56:42 -0500 Report

Howdy Anon
I have been off insulin now for about 3+ yrs. Unfortunately, to what your relative may be objecting may be the needle stick, and pens still have needles to inject the insulin.

However just recently as June 2014 the FDA has approved an inhalable insulin. See ~

So instead of injecting it perhaps he could snort it!

Not knowing your relative, his aversion to insulin might be more a feeling of failure for having to go on insulin at all. And outside of talk therapy there may be nothing which can be done. One can lead a horse to water . . . .

Praying this gets resolved successfully.


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