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lois hutchins
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Has anyone heard of "ADRENAL FATIGUE'?
The recommended med is cylapril !
I think I have that plus diabetes! Things seem to be so complicated ,now! Fatigue is really a problem for me, plus weight gain. I will be discussing it with my doctor ASAP. but want 'yalls opinion as well.
All so overwhelming!!

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Hiya Lois. My mother saw this TV ad a few months ago and wanted me to check into it for her. My mom has dealt with Addison's Disease since she was 28, she's 71 now. Her adrenal glands do not function and this is an autoimmune disorder that attacks tissues and organs. She saw this and thought if might help her. In my opinion, just like I told her, it appears to be a big scam. They say it is "free" but you have to order the pills in order to get the "free" book. I also didn't see anywhere on their website that said the pills were FDA approved. She has gained some weight, however, she had hip replacement surgery and has not been active. Addison's is like diabetes, no pill is going to cure it. (For now at least.) I was in high hopes it might bring her some relief, however, I think your title "infomercial blues" is right on the money. Take care, Angie

lois hutchins
lois hutchins 2009-04-13 21:20:00 -0500 Report

I hate to admit this is a scam,but you my friend; are right in your assessment.Thought I had found the answer to my ills in a pill. oh,well back to square one.(sob)

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