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For whatever the reason about two months ago, I found myself without my Medicaid and income. Since I was on disability, just turned 62, in South Dakota, you are done. I was told I was too young for Medicare —- no health care help. And I still can't work, added to the fact that I will probably have the need of two knees repaired in the coming year. SO…no answers at the gov't level, and it wasn't until I was at the end of my rope, giving up being able to walk again, having a body that was healthy with medication and giving up that, that we found an answer.

Our clinic has a wonderful program in conjunction with drug companies to supply medications for those who fall within the guidelines, which are so easy to do in this economy, I know executives who might qualify. So please, if you are in the need of medication help, check with your clinic or doctor —— it's not a well advertised program here, and I think we know why — everyone would want to use it. So you do have to summon your courage, stuff the pride and say, I can't afford that…and ask if they have a patient advocate or medication advocate that you could visit with, it's well worth the time and effort.

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