problems filling pump cartridge

By kimfing Latest Reply 2014-07-27 20:40:56 -0500
Started 2014-07-27 11:55:03 -0500

good day all. Been getting tiny air bubbles in insulin cartridge. I use humalog and have at room temp. My husband doesn't have this problem with humilin r insulin in his cartridge. I changed cartridge yesterday and no air bubbles, this morning i had a bunch of tiny bubbles. I know for most, a tiny bubble wouldn't b a problem but for me they would be.

I have followed all the instructions that came with the pump.

Any suggestions?

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diabeticdummy 2014-07-27 20:10:23 -0500 Report

I have same problem every now and then and i use humulin R but i did some testing when i fill the reservoir and found it's my fault so here is how I fixed the issue before you connect to bottle you draw back to 100 don" draw back to 150 connect bottle turn upside down slowly push air in you will see stream of bubbles going thru insulin to top of liquid push plunger all the way it will build a little pressure in the bottle release plunger and let it self fill for a few seconds till it stops on its own you will see a bubble in reservoir draw in more insulin slowly another 40 units (now i hold at connector res to bottle i found if you squeeze reservoir or draw to fast it pulls air from around the lower black o-ring seal in reservoir) let it sit for a second hold bottle and lightly flick reservoir you'll see all bubbles go to top then slowly push plunger in till you see no bubbles going thru liquid and no air in reservoir then slowly draw insulin till you hit i think you said you do 100 then hold the blue (mine is blue) connector (reminder this is all done with insulin bottle upside down) and pull off insulin bottle then flip over res and unlock connector then unscrew plunger and the rest is the same as you've been doing since i figured that out i have no more bubbles and alarms

Harlen 2014-07-27 14:36:24 -0500 Report

Ben there
What I did was after filling set it upright on the table and let it sit for a min or so then with every thing attached I tap it on the table push out any air and the refill the little bit that came out . It works for me

kimfing 2014-07-27 16:07:51 -0500 Report

Thanks! Will try that too. But what got me is i filled up yesterday, no air. Late last night i saw tiny ones in the cartridge. Have no idea how they got there.

Type1Lou 2014-07-27 14:32:31 -0500 Report

I'm currently using Humalog in my pump and will occasionally get air bubbles, even when I try to be sure that I've "pushed" them all out. Sometimes, it takes me three or more "pulls" to fill and "pushes" to return the insulin to the vial with the air bubbles) to fill up my reservoir with no air. (I usually only fill it with 60u for a 3-day period). Medtronic had advised that once I've finished filling, to turn the reservoir so that it sits on top of the vial before removing the vial from the reservoir. I've been doing that and seem to have fewer incidents of air bubbles. If/when I do notice a bubble in the tubing, I'll try to follow it and when it get's close to the infusion set, I'll use the "Fill Canula" option to purge the bubble from the tubing so I don't get air instead of insulin. I don't recall what kind of pump you are using and whether it is tubed or not. Hope thins helps some.

kimfing 2014-07-27 16:13:42 -0500 Report

Thanks. I fill up 100 for three days. I ammo accu chek combo by roche. I use the rapid d infusion sets with steel needle instead of the ultra flex cannula style. I tried cannula ones and bs not under control. So, with the rapid d, the tubing disconnects from infusion set differently than the ultra flex. The rapid d has the long tubing that connects to a smaller tubing that is attached to the infusion set. If i get bubbles in the small tubing, i have to change the infusion set. I haven't received my first shipment of supplies yet that were shipped on the 23rd and i have one set left to held me thru