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What really was it like way back when there was no TV? Is it true that everyone who was alive
then just read all the time or what? Went to bed or out for a stroll? Makes you wonder doesn't it?
People back in the early days, say 1900's were better off than we are today, except they had more kids.
Times were tough and money as we know it today was almost non-exsistant.

Then in the 1930's there was the great depression and millions of men and women were out of work.
Gets you thinking about today too, doesn't it. Why do the big corporations insist on re-organization,
sending jobs overseas and now we are facing the exact same thing as in the early days. No jobs.

What makes big business so destructive to people, who put their lives in the hands of these
corporate pirates, who don't give a hoot if you lose your job. And in the process, if you had a 401K
as a retirement fund, you will most likely see most of it depleted. Seems unfair too but they don't care.

Have you ever wondered when we, as a people, should start to do things differently. Is it too late?
Hardly a day goes by that someone says," we as a people need to make changes NOW!" C'mon
America, wake up to the onslaught that big business is throwing down our throats. Time to
unite as a country, not afraid about circumstances and stand our ground, to fight if need be, as
our once great nation falls victim to these unworthy people, determined to undermine our very
existance on earth.

If you never thought times as they are now only happened overnight, you are dead wrong. Have you
ever wondered why our new president just goes through the motions,in leading us down the road
to destruction. Oh yes, he is going to do it,no two ways about it. Have you wondered why he had to
attend the global 20. These nations, who by all standards of the word, once were indebted to us
for pulling them out of debt and misery, only to deny us at every turn down the road.

And finally, have you ever wondered why this is happening. It's all about money and POWER
Look at China, a population growing by leaps and bounds, destroying our economy with
inferior products because of the Fair Trade Agreement. If a country does this and gets away with it,
shame on us for allowing these people to take our jobs and money away. If you havent started to wonder,
maybe it's time to get our backs off the wall and fight back with a vengence.

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Sarguillo 2009-04-13 12:21:05 -0500 Report

The greatest consolidation of wealth was during the Black Plague. Those who survived all of the sudden had the wealth of their families and neighbors at their desposal. Its what caused Europe to advance in the following erras. We at the moment are over breeding ourselves into anialation. Or it can be argued. LOL. Story telling and reading if you were rich enough to be able to afford books, were a big thing back then. Knowledge was power and power was reserved for the weathly. Yes, the earth of today has changed from the time of our forefathers. It does make you think.

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