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Hope to find my friends doing well.

last night i wad felling sad…i don't. know why…well.ya kinda

i wanted to go for a walk but at 12Am Was not the safist…
and my.hubby would have thrown a fit…

Wanting to express my felling so bad…
i went in search of finding something to paint…

i use to paint dolls. nick naksss

did not have a canvas
so i cut open a hamburger healper box…
fliped it over
bamm..got me a canvas

could not find my paint brushes so i used a Q tip…

my mind going thoundands miles an hr

and my heart aching …

i started expressing it threw my painting you see here.

Beable to get my fingers full of paint and to be freeeee

helped my stress level wish in return will help the hormone in my body..
all in alll it was great …

painting is good for any one
helps in many ways

now i have a great picture on my coffee table
The picture was free
frame $2
But The Freedom wad Priceless

If you go to my pic on my profile

the Dragon File Pic is my first
free hand drawn pic

I usually paint porcelain dolls…

know one night
ill paint the other back side of that hamburger helper box

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dtutt 2014-08-10 18:05:19 -0500 Report

Hi there

I love to paint but unfortunately my time is in very short supply. I used to be a regular painter in oils and acrylic although my creative time is very much in use 18 hours a day as my work involves lots of complicated repairs to electronic equipment and to achieve any success requires a diverse spectrum of skills far more akin to art than electronics.

I do have some of my work on a site here in the UK which you might find interesting.
My boat collection and one other!
go to:

Painting, if you are at all arty is a very worthy exercise. I find that I need to be in a certain mode to achieve anything worthwhile. If you are not able to turn off the left side of your brain and use the right side (see "drawing on the right side of the brain by Betty Edwards") then I would suggest it is a great help to gaining a better visual perception of what is around you.

GabbyPA 2014-07-27 20:13:14 -0500 Report

I enjoy expressing myself creativly as well. Drawing, poetry, painting, and crafting. It gives me something to focus on besides whatever I was worried about or upset about. Some of my best creations come out of stress.

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