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OK. The Holiday didn't help me with the carb to insulin ratio, however, please educate a Caregiver that is somewhat new to the mealtime insulin regiment.

By using the 450/500 formula, we seemed to be on track for quite some time. But it seems I have lost the forest thru the trees!. The Total Daily Insulin average number that is a part of that equation is what I am also unsure of. How much of an average?

I am missing something here. AM fasting numbers have creeped up a little bit, so it is somewhat of an uphill battle. Mid afternoon is where the fluctuations seem to be.

By verbalizing this now, do I need to take a step back and recalculate? Let me also say I am dilligent on my daily recording. So I have data coming out of my ears!! But I am at an impass.

I am patiently awaiting her A1C results this week.

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kdroberts 2009-04-13 07:51:46 -0500 Report

You need to work with your doctor on this one. What would be most helpful is if you keep a food diary listing every single thing eaten, and the fat protein, carb and fiber content of them where possible, the time you ate, the time and amount of insulin taken and blood sugar readings before eating and 1-2 hours after eating. That way the doctor will be able to see how much carb x amount of insulin will take care of and them be able to give you a much better insulin to carb ratio than you get with the 450 rule. Make an appointment with the doc and make sure they help you out with this. It takes a while but is worth it and by the sounds of things you may already have enough data.

For instance, you ate a lunch of 40g carb, took 5 units of insulin, started off at 100 and ended up at a peak of 150. You took 1 unit of insulin per 8g carb. However, it didn't take care of it correctly. If you repeat this and get the same result then the doctor may say try 1 unit per 6g of carb and see how that goes. The more information you have the easier it is to figure out. You could also read think like a pancreas, it should help you out a lot.

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