Quality, or lack of, in Medical Care

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I sense overtones in many discussions of the lack of adequate Health Care that people are receiving. We are all aware of the numbers, that suggest among other things, the vast number of us are having to pay cash money for MD's, RX's, Labs, etc.

The other day at the DR's we saw the PA as we usually do instead of the MD. Normally a wonderful person and provider of great advice etc. But this time I noticed the big red letters stamped on my Wife's chart that said "Patient is un-uninsured at responsible for all costs".

We we there only to discuss and have them sign some paperwork for some of the Prescription Assistance Programs available. He had a FIT about he being tired, hating paperwork, we were 'bugging' him etc.

We also got charged $66 for a finger stick and 5 minutes of his time. He usually does not charge us at all, or only about a third of that.

Are patients paying cash being discriminated against? It was as shameful as the last time we had to go the the ER. And we all know what fun that is.

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It is very frustrating not having insurance today. I don't have insurance either. But my doctor will at least listen to me. I would get a new doctor, if you can. I was lucky to have a doctor that was reasonablely priced but the medication is still a big expience. At leased I found a much cheaper place to get my labs done through Direct Labs online. Good Luck with the insurance but let your doctor know that you are paying with your hard earn money.

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