pre-test jitters?

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It can't be just me that does this …
Tomorrow morning I get my quarterly labs done.
My publicly stated goal is to achieve an A1c of 5.6 or less, I am not worried about the lipid panel or any of the other tests. but I am actually a bit nervous about the A1c despite my daily BGL tests being the best they have ever been, but still I am nervous.
Happens before every A1c test ,,,
… it's not just me, right?


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Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2014-07-25 04:37:41 -0500 Report

I also am nervous a little before my tests, but not because of my numbers. My doctor always says my numbers are good to keep up the good work. My nervousness is because I don't like needles. Im not afraid of them, I just don't like them. They say it will be just a little stick and I think yeah right, it still hurts.

rolly123 2014-07-24 20:26:27 -0500 Report

I hope u achieve u goal!! I m nervous next month got go for bloodworks I'm hoping I don't go up my sugar past three months been high! Not looking forward it! Let us now if u did it good luck Steve

haoleboy 2014-07-24 20:42:51 -0500 Report

trying not to be over confident … the 30 day average on my meter is 107 … been on this merry-go-round long enough to know that means very little

MoeGig 2014-07-23 16:36:07 -0500 Report

I use to try for an A1c in the 5's, but ended up with too many hypoglycemic reactions. The 6's are good enough according to most practitioners. I test 4-5 times/day and aim for 80-180. This results in 6.5 A1c. It also gives me enough glycogen to hit the gym most days for cardio. I think it's as important as the A1c…keeps the micro arteries flowing in your eyes, feet, and kidneys where complications occur.

haoleboy 2014-07-23 16:52:03 -0500 Report

Never been hypo my lowest recorded was mid- 70's (twice).
Three months ago my A1c was 5.8. so thinking 5.5 is doable.
Ultimately I am aiming for sub 5.0


Pegsy 2014-07-23 07:38:27 -0500 Report

Not just you Steve. I had my blood drawn last week and I see my doc on Friday to get the results. 3 months ago my A1c went up so I am especially nervous about it this time. I don't want to have to add another medication. We'll see what happens. My doc makes a big deal about the lipid panel too and I am actually more concerned about that. I hope yours goes well. Let us know.

laurafaye 2014-07-23 06:22:57 -0500 Report

I understand how you feel I will have my first a1c test since finding out I have t2 next Monday and I am nervous but excited too. I wish you luck with yours and hope it goes amazing and you get outcome you want

GabbyPA 2014-07-23 05:45:02 -0500 Report

I think we all get nervous because we want to pass the test so badly. I guess, just think of it like a written test, you have done all the homework, studied and applied what you have learned. You should ace it.

jayabee52 2014-07-23 03:17:43 -0500 Report

Fortunately for me steve, I don't have the jitters like you describe with my A1c test. Never really have.

Jeff82 2014-07-22 23:55:29 -0500 Report

Being diabetic 31 years, there is still nothing like "the feeling" knowing you are having your A1c done the next day. I just had mine done a few days ago, waiting for the results, (fingers crossed!) and I personally think the nerves strike because even though sugars might run well, it shows what's really going on 24/7 in our bodies. (Atleast that's what I think of it when I go every 3-4 months for the test)
You are not alone buddy!

haoleboy 2014-07-23 00:04:45 -0500 Report

7 years here … and you are right. the 24/7 view is always tough to guess. times I thought i was doing well and have been disappointed by my A1c and vice versa.
Good thing is that I usually get my results by mail in 4-5 days afterwards so although I don't see the doctor for 6 weeks at least I'll have my results soon.

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