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So how do I send a friend request? Then I decided to ask someone who is a friend. When I type the message to said friend, it keeps telling me Please include at least one recipient for this message. I keep saying I did that. Do I need to type the friends name and then say after in order to send? Just puzzled. Thanks for any help.

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jayabee52 2014-07-22 09:20:26 -0500 Report

Howdy Reader
Seems you are asking 2 questions: #1 How do I make a friend request? #2 how do I access the private mail system on DC? (the following are instructions for using the computer. If you access DC by apps, I have no idea.)

#1: Requesting a friend: Find a person with whom you'd like to be friends. Click on the icon or screen name (SN) The profile page comes up and below the SN there is a button which is either blue or green. Blue means you have yet to request them as a friend. Click the blue button and you'' get a choice either fo friend or to follow. Choose friend. You'll get a screen which invites to be friends. Click the invite friends button and then it is up to the other person to accept or deny the request.

#2 To initiate a private mail message, pick one of your friends.(must be a friend) click on their SN and the private message box opens. Write your message and post a subject in the subject line. Then click the green button below which says "send to everyone" (but if there is only one person listed as recipient only one will get it. — You can post several friends in your recipients' list — up to 10, I believe — who will be included in "everyone")

I pray this has been of help to you


Jeanette Terry
Jeanette Terry 2014-07-22 14:24:50 -0500 Report

Very well said James. ReaderReader, if you need further assistance please let me know and I can look into the issues that you are having.