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Hello Friends

Ok todays bs levels

10:03 82 before breaksfest
10:28 eat bowel of maple brown sugar oatmeal carbs 32 sugar 12grams
small glass of milk

11:57 155????
11:57 8umits lantus

1:47 before lunch shackey 58:(
lunch 5 boild eggs cut in half to make devel eggs with = 10 light mayo, parma cheese no carbs,;ight mayo

2;42 chips and salsa torteaaa chips

3:42 101

I Lantus long lasting from one response earlier ok

Novalog mmmmm maybe im doing it wrong but yikes
have not been good experience with it

then just again maybe not educated about it enough

and I agree with post form this amazing site
education is power at libarty now going to get some books

Next question???

I have wrote about this before however asking again

I have a dr guess a need a new one do to some thing a have read on this site

such as ratio carb input vs insulin intake…

however do yall reccommend a nutrient are a endolostist sorry spelling is missed up
libaray about to close…

$$money is a issue however I DO WANT TO BE HEALTHY FOR ME AND MY FAMILY

copay eat up alot

test strips and stuff lilke that

when it hard to put food on table hard to eat correctley tough times
but im trying and I do want to be educated …

i know spelling awful however i dont have internet and trying to get in as much as possiable

and yes i usually take insulin before i eat however i know i did not this time before breastfeast

I do have Novalog but have not had good experience

so >>>>>>> I should take novalog before i eat everytime

than Lantus for and all day effect… So confused…Please Help*******

I have takein novalog it drops my bs so dang low sooo dang fast

for ex the other niight my bs was 229 I took 3 units of NOvolog… it healped

I am trying so hard truly i am that why and how I fount this site

Im not trying to treat my self or be my own Dr.

r food on table ..I have to find someother way…so I fount yall and trying to educate myslef…
I am trying to figure something else to help me

believe me I want to live I want to be healthy…
Im a fighter so I want to truly gets my bs levels under control…
but on the for real side it hard to see dr everytime something goes wrong

Thank you for your time

I am going to fight this with everything I have
libary closing computer about to go down on some timmer thing

let me go get some book

thank friends

May God Bless you All…

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GabbyPA 2014-07-19 09:52:02 -0500 Report

I take long lasting insulin, so I don't do the carb ratio to insulin. You really want to talk to someone about helping you with that. Hospitals often offer diabetes education, you may want to call your local one and see what they can hook you up with.

Your breakfast was almost 100% carb. Maybe add some butter to your oatmeal of have a slice or two of bacon with it or an egg to help curb that carb intake. 155 is not horrible, but the high carb might have resulted in the crash you had or maybe too much insulin. Hard to say for sure.

With a number like 58, you probably should have had a little fast acting carb in there to bring you up to at least 70. Some hard candy or juice. Then ate your lunch.

I know how hard it can be to choose health care and groceries. Because it's all so new, it's overwhelming. You will find a good balance. It will take some time.

Type1Lou 2014-07-18 17:31:18 -0500 Report

Dlaine, do you or do you not have a carb to insulin ratio? How do you figure out how much insulin you need to take? If you are guessing, that is a path to disaster. Are you taking any other medications besides insulin for your diabetes? You can't take Novolog without calculating the carbs you are eating. It is a very fast-acting insulin and can cause some dangerous low BG's if you take too much. Each one of us has a different insulin sensitivity which is defined as how much one unit of insulin will lower blood sugar. Sensitivity is also tied into how many units of insulin per day that you need/use. One book that gives a good understanding of why and how our bodies use insulin is Gary Scheiner's "Think Like a Pancreas". Call your doctor. Explain what problems you are having and ask for his/her help. Be the squeaky wheel. If they have given you a set amount of insulin to take at set times of day, without considering how many carbs you are eating, it's probably time to look for another doctor. Your life depends upon it.

Dlaine 2014-07-18 20:28:37 -0500 Report

Thank you both for your help

and no i do not have a carb ratio insulin sheet …

however i did get these books today at library

your first year with diabetes …theresa garnero

the complete idiots guide to managing diabetes fast track. joan clark-warner


Diabetes. A to Z
6th edition 2010

Plus information on new clinic that could

Was also told about
Walgreen presction plan
that can help lowet cosst

ty time to get things resdy for worrying tomorrow

and yes I'm finding a new dr.
WAlked today fell good:)

lindainJapan 2014-07-18 17:04:07 -0500 Report

You poor dear. You need sugar or juice right away when that low to treat that shaky feeling and mental confusion. Your library may have or can get you through inter library loan the Gretchen Becker book I suggested before. Made for newly diagnosed it's very readable. By the way sugar mixed in juice is better than chocolate for a low because the fat in the chocolate slows down the effect. Learned that from my own low experiences.