GMO redux

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this is a call back to the earlier discussion about GMO's
came upon this video by Bill Nye (the "engineer turned actor" guy)
thought it was a fairly reasoned look at the subject


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kindlekm 2014-07-21 10:32:06 -0500 Report

i said this in the other thread but we wouldn't have insulin available cheapily if at all if it weren't for GMO (not crops by e-coli in this case) now in terms of crops if they are just speeding up the whole Gregory Mendel selective breeding by injecting genes to get a certain result then that if fine by me and honestly so is the injecting animal dna most likely something measurable will change if the experiment goes bad and let the scientists know that injecting that gene isn't going to lead to a viable crop either by taste or color or shape /size (aka if an apple doesn't look like an apple or is a weird color or taste strikingly different than the parent crop

GabbyPA 2014-07-19 10:17:04 -0500 Report

This is a hard topic, but I will say that the difference between domestication of crop or animal is far different than pulling out genes of opposing unrelated animals and putting them into other animals of crops is too much for me. Our bodies require adaptive time to get used to the drastic changes in our food. These things now happen so fast and without really knowing the unintended consequences of it all. While well meaning, they are not always good ideas.

GMO's should be required to be labeled. I think that is the most fair thing to do, to at least give us a choice. I do agree with where he was going near the end of the video that it all comes down to making their money back on investment with GMO and we all know that a rush to put out often leads to huge recalls, but by then there is much damage to the population. Only here it's not just people, but the insects, the soils and other plants. Just like how drug companies work to get stuff out there, then end up calling it back in because it hurts or kills too many people.

diabeticdummy 2014-07-18 21:04:30 -0500 Report

Steve usually stay clear of this topic as i catch flack for it but i really have no control over seeds i can buy what seeds we can get to plant is what the seed companies let us buy now most of what I grow is for animal feed for are animals and for other farms that don't grow there own feed, but farmers since the beginning of time have been altering crops in one way or another to get better yields and more per acre, you me everyone has been eating gmo foods of sorts are whole lives, is it safe i don't know i think in some ways yes farmers get a higher yield per acre today than yesterday more food in stores. yesterdays farmer would loose naturally about 40% of his crops to bugs fungus mother nature etc and use tons of chemicals on the ground that leached into water tables more than they helped on the crops so you use even more all that's been cut way back, in today's world no one gardens anymore so more pressure to grow more crop per acre and faster and farmers markets don't produce enough per week to feed a percentage of a city every week and they buy the same seed i do just in smaller qty, now as far as putting animal DNA into plants i don't think that is good and if they do i guess there will be no more vegetarians, but if they want my opinion gonna modify plant DNA then modify it with a cactus DNA so my crops are drought tolerant they store there own water for dry times

haoleboy 2014-07-18 16:55:03 -0500 Report

The transgenic stuff bothers me.
"Hurrying" along what is possible the "old fashioned" way … not so much

theladyiscrazy 2014-07-18 16:50:25 -0500 Report

Not 100% accurate when Monsanto's rep talked. I know of 54 studies and they neither proved nor disproved the safety of the crops. I do know that several countries have outlawed GMOs in their country and up to 60+ require labeling. I found it interesting that he did not announced that the one that stands up to herbicide has roundup in it. The other version he clearly stated what it was, so why not this one? Right now, until they can effectively say one way or the other, I will hold off on as many GMOs as I can.