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I woke up and tested my blood sugar. I am on medication that can shoot it up. Again it was lower than yesterday and the day before that. Today it was 175. After breakfast I stood on the scale (something I am only doing once in a while) I was down another 1.5 pounds. Next I chopped 6 different veggies up for 2 salads. I drove about 1 hour to pick up 1 friend. We drove about 100 miles where we visited 1 family member for about 45 minutes. We found a picnic spot by a lake and sat at the table by the water to eat. It was wonderful. I live right around the corner from Lake Erie and I just drove 100 miles to eat my lunch at the edge of a much smaller lake. Seems crazy. Yes it was and it was also wonderful. We had 1 special lunch guest show up. Might have guessed that it was a seagull. He was very well mannered so that was nice. Once lunch was over it was time to go to a store to see about sugar free chocolate chips and they had them. I bought 3 bags. I will make 3 batches of my fudge made with the Xylitol it is so good (and I have had 0 candy from the store nor a single Fireball out the the container on top of our fridge). It is 2:30 so time to take my 1 friend home and then I need to get home. I arrive home by 4:30, to 1 really happy to see me dog ( asking to go out) and 3 cats who thought for sure I left them to die. I had planned ahead so I know we are having turkey burgers (no buns) for dinner and most everything is ready. No stress there, all I have to do is wait for my person to get home from the dentist.Today was good for my soul and I think we need those sorts of days. Sorry if this was to silly to post, but at times the silly has to come out. I wish you all a day that is good for your soul and full of wonderful numbers.

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Thanks for sharing the fun you had in your day, and you're right that we all need days that bring so much joy. ~Lynn @Glucerna

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