walking. my boy my motervator

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Hello friends
I hade a busy day
paying bills and stuff like that
Spite the fact that i woke up and my bs was low.
I pushed threw …
had lunch..at pappies Mexicans restruant

It was good
but want eat it again

spiked my bs way to hi 229

Took 10 units of lantus before i ate

then tested after i ate
had to take 3 units of novolog
my bs is 101 now

ate light dinner with hubby and son

wanted to rest on sofa
but No
i got up and went for a walk with my son

my motervator he pushed me to.keep going when i got tired
we walked for 30 mi

i enjoyed the time with him.
plus i.fell better ..
I would like to.know what is.this
push pen pocket thing i see on some of yall post????

Also vitems that could. help my eyes
dang phone. can't wait.to get real internet. lol

i don't take any supplement but if i neef to please let me know .

something that will.help my eyes

called dr today about getting in noutrtion class.

might. even see if my insurance will cover an endologist …
i did go see a nutrition dr
when first diagnosis

i know i need to go back
my reason for not keep going
$$money copay this copay that

test syrips insulin all adds up

but i came to relize if i can not see dr r nutrition dr once a month $50 copay EACH DR
THEn what am i working for???

I work for my kids
my family
i want to be healthy
but it does get costly

so my ??? Is???

Would yall recomind a endologist r.nutrition ?????

Please understand I'm on a mobile phone it kinda missing up…

i have a regular dr
at first when diagnosis dr started me on metphormin.

I think i was taking like almost 1500 total pills in a day.

then she but me on lantus and novalog

Ohh nooooo
that novalog I DO NOT MISS WITH
VERY AFTEN. drop my bs way.to.much
maybe no more then 5 units

today took 3 novalog when bs was 229
My husband and sister inlaw thought i should get new dr

sister inlaw only because she has delt with this with her mom

but i tell het everyone different

maybe i don't know i like.her
but dr never truly explain
for ex.
she gave me.insulin
but i did not know how to.give it to my self
went home read.instrution

had to gp back up there
ok I'm rambling

any advice welcomeed

I love my motorvator
I'm proud of my self for.getting up and walking
Lord know i was tired
my.poor body
didn't know what was going on today bd all over thr rador
ty for you're time
wishing everyone well
God Bless You All

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Type1Lou 2014-07-18 12:23:25 -0500 Report

Lantus is a 24 hour long-acting insulin designed to cover your basal 24-hour insulin needs. Before you eat, you should be taking a fast-acting insulin like Novolog or Humalog. This is called "bolus" insulin. The bolus dosage will depend upon the amount of carbs you will be eating and the carb to insulin ratio given to you by your doctor. Also, depending upon what your BG is prior to eating, you may need to adjust that bolus dose up or down (based on a "sliding scale" given to you by your doctor.) Has your doctor given you a carb to insulin ratio or a "sliding scale". I not, I would ask him/her about it and if you don't get a satisfactory answer, it may be time to change doctors as this one is not really helping you gain control, IMHO. You will feel tired whenever you allow your BG to go high. Wishing you well!

Dlaine 2014-07-18 15:58:34 -0500 Report

thank for your response
but I asure you I dont allow for my bs to be so waky …

but your right maybe I do need a new dr cause i do not have that ratio you were talking about.

do you recommend just dr or endo
$$$ is an issue

Type1Lou 2014-07-18 17:41:19 -0500 Report

We moved permanently to Florida in 2005 and I stopped seeing an endo and just let my Primary Care Physician handle my diabetes…I never felt comfortable with his approach. In 2010, when a severe low BG landed me in the hospital while on vacation in Idaho and, when I returned, the PCP told me to keep on doing what he'd prescribed, I knew it was time for a change. I had to travel over an hour to see an endocrinologist, but I believe that move saved my life. They not only reduced my Lantus dose but changed the time of day I was taking it and they also reeducated me about carb counting and sliding scales. (I've had diabetes since 1976.) I think to get you started on the right path, an endo specializing in diabetes might be in a better position to help since they are experts and not generalists. Are there any diabetes support groups at your local hospital? They are also a great source of information and support.