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My name is Dan and I am a graduate student at San Jose State University, pursuing my MS in Human Factors and Ergonomics.I am conducting a brief survey on the topic of problems patients sometimes experience during their initial at home use of an injection device. The link to the survey is:

I want to learn more about the issues experienced during the initial use of new injection devices in order to identify better ways to design the devices, instructions, and approaches to patient training.

Have you experienced any type of issues or problems during the first few attempts at using an injection device at home, whether this applies to your current device/drug or some previous device/drug you were prescribed? I am interested in all forms of devices, such as:

Prefilled Syringes, Syringe and vial combinations, Disposable Pens, Reusable pens, Disposable Auto-Injectors, Reusable Auto-Injectors, and Reconstitution kits

If you ever experienced any of the following, please share your experiences with me through this survey.
• I was too scared or intimidated by the device to perform the procedure.
• I intentionally delayed starting treatment
• I performed the procedure but with a lot of hesitation and difficulty, and I might have made some mistakes.
• I made a mistake and did not receive my full dose (I lost some or all of the medication).
• I could not figure out how to use the device and returned it to my health care provider or pharmacist.
• I had to call my health care provider or pharmacist for help in order to complete the procedure.
• I asked for additional training from my health care provider or pharmacist.
• I took the drug less often than I was supposed to, or stopped using it because of the difficulty I had in using the device and performing the procedure.
• I asked my doctor to switch to a different device/drug because of the difficulty I had in using the device and performing the procedure.

The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete, and for every survey completed I will donate $1 to either the Red Cross or The Humane Society (your choice). I hope you can contribute to this effort and help uncover and solve the difficulties experienced by patients when delivering their own drug therapy with a new device.

Survey Link:

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing about your experiences. It would be greatly appreciated if you would share this survey with any other qualifying people you know.

Note: this survey is anonymous and no personal information is collected.

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IAAresearch 2014-07-17 11:24:00 -0500 Report

I read through the terms and conditions of posting, and this did not seem inappropriate to post. I was not aware I should contact the admin prior to posting - if the admin would like to correspond about this please e-mail me (I don't see an overt contact admin link or address). I don't mean to intrude, just trying to find people who use injection devices to give anonymous feedback about their experiences.

GabbyPA 2014-07-16 23:18:12 -0500 Report

I took the survey and am glad that you offer places to write in what our feelings or thoughts are. That is missing from so many surveys and it really offers a better insight to what people are thinking.

haoleboy 2014-07-16 22:19:12 -0500 Report

I do not see where this is a violation of the terms of use.
does not disrupt the normal flow of the site, It's non-commercial and is not soliciting personal information and certainly is not promoting criminal conduct.
no one seems to cry foul about all the copyrighted material that is copy and pasted here.
A grad student looking for info for a paper that is willing to kick a dollar to charity … where is the down side?

jayabee52 2014-07-16 20:08:54 -0500 Report

I echo Joyce's concern. go to the bottom of the page and click on the "Feedback" link and tell the admin what you want to do. If it is ok, one of the administrators will notify us it is OK.

That is for everyone's safety and security.