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Melissa Dawn
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Anyone here use multivitamins specialized for diabetics? I bought a bottle of Alpha Betic's multi vitamin and think I like them — but would like to buy a little more… in bulk. Anyone used any other brands that come with more than 30 in a bottle?

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I do use Alpha Betic/Omega-3 EPA/DHA Fish oil. When I started insulin, I had problems with my skin breaking out. My doctor told me these would help and would improve my energy level. I looked back in my log book and I started them on 02/19/2009. My skin did clear up fast but as far as energy, they haven't helped me any. I bought them at Walgreens for around $16.00 a bottle for 60. It's strange you posted this as I am seriously thinking about stopping them. I guess good and bad but I need something that gives me more energy. The other version of Alpha Betic might be better for this. Good luck, Angie

Avera 2009-04-08 00:20:04 -0500 Report

I don't use them myself, but I have a friend who takes one that she has told me about. It is called.

*DiaVite Plus*

She orders hers online. Here is the link to the site she gave me.

In most regular drug stores, they carry a line of vitamins from a company called Nature's Way. They make all kinds of multivitamins for Diabetics and most come in bottles that have over 30 pills in them.

Just be sure to check with your doctor before you start taking any. You can even ask him to include a vitamin deficency test the next time you go for your A1C. The test will tell him if you need more of a certain kind.

I just had the test and am now taking a Vitamin D supplement because I was deficient in this.

Hope this helps.


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