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I was at the doctors this morning and picked up two booklets. First I am still doing great. Down side. It will take at least 3-6 months before the nerve in my tongue heals to clear up the paralysis.

The two booklets are great. One is Your Blood Sugar Diary. You can keep track of blood sugar. This is handy for people who do not have smartphones or don't want to track it on a computer log.

The other is Diabetes and You: Your guide to better living with diabetes.

I looked on line and found the website. If you join you can get all of their books as e-books.free. There is also a free cookbook to download. There are also tools and resources that include videos and information that will help many of us who may want it.

Novo Nordisk also has a phone number for those of us who use their products. If you are having a problem affording your Novo Nordisk medication you can call their Customer Care Center at
1-800-727-6500 to see if you qualify.

This is a Novo Nordisk site

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