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I'm michael van de wiel and live in the netherlands. Im captain and owner of an inland chemical tanker. I recently start with the insuline pump therapy. I choosed for the medtronic pump.
But the big problem is that i own a inland tanker vessel and i load an discharge on the jetty's at exxon. Bp.shell. nerefco. Kuwait petrol. And many more.
All the electrical devices must have an 'eex' certificate . That means that the device is proven and safe to use in a zone 1 catagory place.
I sent an email to the costomers service at the headquaters of medtronic. They say the medtronic pums are nit safe to use in those envirouments. But when there are enough people ask the question they can look after it to get an certificate. So the question is does someone works in the chemical industry .? And do you know some more people please sent email to the medtronic custoumer service so that we pump users still can do our work in the petrol an chemical industry. Please share so that we can make a chance.

With kind regards
Michael van de wiel

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diabeticdummy 2014-07-16 16:45:08 -0500 Report

Yes Michael we have voiced are oppinion on that issue for confined space certification on pump as I don't do fuel I'm a farmer and around chemicals but the big feet is around the grinder augers and silos corn wheat dust very flamable and now that OSHA has crawled into farming with all there safety regs now I can't were my pump three days a week when I'm around the dust or cs passages so I just during breaks do boluses every couple hrs but I guess the process takes about a yr and manufacture had to pay for test quite exspencive from what I've read but I know of four of us on your my best buddie is a tank sludge Kleenex and he's on the pump just not at work except at breaks and pitches a fit every now and then but here in the states getting a job like yours even a tanker driver all the fun high risk jobs a diabetic has to fight to get one due to regs

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