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I was eating Fish(cod) yesterday for dinner, I checked my blood sugar and I was 98*. I'm wondering. If fish or cod lowers your BS.?

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Type1Lou 2014-07-15 12:05:12 -0500 Report

Just fish alone would not raise you BG, provided it wasn't breaded or eaten with a sweet sauce. Rice on the other hand, would cause my BG to rise and I avoid eating any rice due to its high glycemic value. The green beans are low carb and wouldn't have much of a BG impact and the small peach might have 12 to 14 grams of carb and lots of fiber. Generally, carbohydrates are what cause a rise in BG. Like Steve suggested below, try testing your BG before eating fish next time to see how it affects you. It would also be helpful for you to count the carbs in all that you eat to see how your BG reacts.

haoleboy 2014-07-14 19:56:04 -0500 Report

Eating fish on a regular basis, particularly those high in Omega-3 fatty acid has been shown to benefit diabetics (lowers blood glucose and decreases insulin resistance) … but probably not just this one meal and cod is not a very good source of Omega-3
What else was on the menu? What was you BGL before the meal?


healthy412c 2014-07-14 20:06:06 -0500 Report

Rice, green beans and a small peach. I only check once a day as required for now. I alternate from before morning meal or after dinner.

haoleboy 2014-07-14 20:27:36 -0500 Report

That's interesting. were I too eat that meal I could expect to be 150+.
The problem with testing only after eating is you do not know what your starting point is.
It is possible you could have been low at the start of the meal.
Also possible the 98 could have been inaccurate as meters are known to have a degree of inaccuracy.
hat are your numbers normally after such a meal?


Glucerna 2014-07-16 15:41:58 -0500 Report

It will be interesting to keep a journal of what you eat, plus the amounts of the different foods, and your blood sugar levels. That will help you figure out which foods or amount of carbohydrate raise blood sugar, and which help you reach your goals. ~Lynn @Glucerna