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Want thank everyone for advice I posted! I took a lot to heart!! Today is good for me I got notebook and started write down what I eat on the back wrote all veg fruit I eat and write down carbs for Ditian !! I got app when I get back home!!! I had eye opener for me about blaming everyone and not except responsibility!!! I'm going to enjoy rest rest my vac !!! I keep reading everyone advice with different topic !!! Sorry if affended anyone thanks again !!!!!

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GabbyPA 2014-07-15 07:13:06 -0500 Report

We can all learn from your humility and insight. It takes a strong person to accept responsibility for themselves. It's much easier to blame and excuse. You have given yourself great power in that simple admission. You are going to do great!

rolly123 2014-07-14 16:37:43 -0500 Report

I will do that tonight going internet look up diabetic diet for carbs on my sister iPad and if I don't get it will go Ditian probably still go started carbs so far I'm up to 98 is that to much still haven't had supper

diabeticdummy 2014-07-14 18:51:26 -0500 Report

If you tested 98 bg before dinner that's good watch the carb intake for your dinner say eat 30 carbs and at 2 hrs check if around 120 or lower your good if higher you probably had to many carbs remember carbs are in almost everything if you've had 98 carbs for the day check bg that'll let you know if to many make shure meals and snacks are spread out throught day

rolly123 2014-07-14 21:29:39 -0500 Report

I had all day 125carbs I only suppose check bs at morning and night would that be enough to c if it's to much carb my insurance will only let me test two day if test any more run out tabs any advice my morn was 135 is that high

diabeticdummy 2014-07-14 21:51:43 -0500 Report

Well to get a good picture. Till you get your numbers and food dialed in you should test before each meal and. 2 he's after meal that shows you how food affects your BG level plus it'll help your Dr and diatician with your eating plan and medicine plan you can get a cheap meter at Walmart test strips are like 10 bucks for fifty or have Dr write a letter to ins company saying you need to test more often 135 for your mom if before a meal yes a little high after a meal depends on how long after meal you. Should write down these questions to also ask your Dr about for your individual needs as they differ from person to person and there are just kinda boundaries that are universal but you wanna shoot to keep your highs under 150-160 like my Dr. Has me shooting for 90 fasting and 130 after meal so far I'm there eventually they want me at 75-80 fasting and 120-130 after meal I'm almost there you really need to just have a good sit down with dietician diabetic educator and Dr so you can get fixed up so your doing better

rolly123 2014-07-14 22:24:35 -0500 Report

I will defitely do that ! I went online look up about carbs and different menues it was very interesting I got get a1c next month then go c Docter . That helps slot thanks

diabeticdummy 2014-07-14 14:46:57 -0500 Report

Good for you and if you start to go sideways come talk to us here there's almost always some online here as I have posted at early morning hrs and got replies keep up the good work

haoleboy 2014-07-14 14:01:31 -0500 Report

Good to hear.
I don't think anyone here was offended…concerned … for sure. I like to say that we are all in this together and I think that is really true. Having a fellow diabetic fail helps no one (in fact I think we all suffer a bit for it), however when we succeed I believe we all win if for no other reason than we have another positive role model that has a unique story they can share.
Keep at it … one day at a time … one moment at a time … I have no doubt that you can do this.
You Go Girl!


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