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Well I knew if I worked hard enough and worked on my idea for the challenge a real good name would come out of my thinking and it did. CHANGE THE WORLD which has always been my belief and why I started my communities.

The two communities I have are built on awareness. The adult community at and the kids community at have been growing slowly but that's good. These last few days though have been crazy.

See I started a page on my facebook page for Diabetic KID'z 4 L.I.F.E. because I wanted to get it going with the challenge we have been planning. I know I have written about it before but in a nutshell it is about getting motivated to help other diabetics and non-diabetics, physical, emotional, and nutritionally fit for the coming year. Then I decided to make it more about awareness.

So to do this I started thinking about the best way to make our voices heard and I came up with this idea. It isn't about raising money for the cure or research. It isn't about raising money period. It is about raising bodies to speak out. If everyone would just talk to 10 people weekly and ask them to join with us it will make a difference. Just think about the magnitude of what I am saying.

So far my little one page on facebook has raised 163 fans to help us. Maybe they all won't volunteer but they may be there when we need them most to speak out.

This is about global awareness and change through not only the internet but face to face. Forget the computer, this is old fashion speaking. Getting up in front of others or just talking to your friends and telling them about what we are doing.

I promise you I want to make a difference in this world while I am still here and I plan too. I need your help though and I am not afraid to ask for it.

One thing I won't do is ask for money. I don't want it.

What I want is you to tell others. Tell everyone you know about what we are doing and ask them to sign up ay the sites listed or go to my facebook page and go to Diabetic KID'z 4 L.I.F.E.

The thing about awareness is that there are many kinds of awareness and in our case we are looking at personal awareness which means helping the diabetics of today and the non-diabetics to accept what is going on and learning how to deal with it daily. There's more to it and if you really want to hear what I believe awareness is ask me I'll be glad to tell you.

So I am asking all of my friends here on Diabetic Connect to speak up for awareness. It will make a difference in our life.

Thanks and I hope you decide to help.

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