Have a sugarless vacation with diabetclub for your health.

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We asked any question which will occur in your mind and you will find answers available everytime
Purpose: To perform the present and future diabetclub members’ vacations without any problems.

The aim when travelling: to help the enough supply when a diabetic is travelling intercities. To supply the diabetcard member not to worryabout hypoglisemi or hyperglisemi. To give the diabetic selfconfidence to travel in comfort alone, without a relative together.

The aim during vacation: to help the diabetic to be away from thethoughts of present and possible complications. To supply cure, imformative training about diabetes, exercise, food, staying during vacation.

Beginning: to organize Diabetclub documents, CD, medical supply items. To organize the vehicles and resting services for diabetes to travel. To organize health centers certificated by diabetclub to be ready for diabetes.

This study has been prepared by diabetclub.

The services and the products with diabetclub’s seal

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