My ACH was 18

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Hello All

I am a newcomer to being a diabetic.
I take insulin.
with that being said.
I am having a hard time keeping my sugar level. been dealing with this for about 5 months.My levels are crazy.
Just tested and i was at 156.
Went to Dr yesterday and he told me that he only had one other pt with that hi of an ACH Level.
my eyes get blurry when sugar level high r low
This morning my level 66

Been trying but oh so at a lost

Food …i don't like lettuce. tomato ..carrot
cabbage. calflower

so any advice would be such a blessing

i drink lots of watter

I want to beat this
i have 3 beautiful children and a wonderful husband to live for

however not much support
simply cause they don't know much about this Diagnosis and neither do I

I'm willing to learn
willing to live a healther life

thank you for your time
and advice

My eye sight get blurry when low r high

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diabeticdummy 2014-07-13 15:18:00 -0500 Report

First you and your family should go to nutrition classes together were they explain diabetes and eating and a support group my family is doing that with me and it has done wonders for them and me now they understand and can talk to others in same situation both are free at are hospital and there are classes and groups my insurance will pay for if needed once a month the nutrition class is one day a week for 4 weeks you learn allot also my numbers used to be hard to control was taking 2 kinds of insulin 450-650 units a day and 2000 mg metformin 2 x a day my bg fasting around 150-250 2 hrs after eating properly was 260-330 so my endo put me on the pump and my fasting is 76-100 and 2 hrs after eating 130-150 i use one insulin now and only 160 units every three days and i feel good other than my complications that are clearing up from before ps there are veggies i don't like either like cabbage and cauliflower peas eggplant corn so i just substitute for ones i do like

Type1Lou 2014-07-13 09:39:54 -0500 Report

My advice to you would be to become "Carbohydrate Aware"…that means knowing the carbohydrate content of everything that you eat. Carbohydrates are the primary cause for elevated blood sugars. Read the labels on any foods you buy for serving size and total carbohydrate content. Determine how many carbs you are currently eating per day and cut back on those carbs…particularly, eliminating the simple carbs in "white" food…bread, potatoes, pasta, rice. I limit myself to 120 grams of carb per day which allows me to maintain my weight around 120 lbs and my last A1c was 6.8. I found I had to retrain my palate and look for carbohydrate substitutions for favorite recipes. For example, my husband loves his pasta. Last night I made spaghetti and put the sauce over pasta on his plate. The sauce went over french style green beans on my plate. Lots lower carbs for me and all the flavor is in the sauce anyway. It's not easy but the results are worth it. Once you get your sugars back in range, you may be able to reverse the vision problems and will have more energy too.

Grandmama16 2014-07-13 02:53:36 -0500 Report

I know what how you feel about support. My hubby does but then brings home peach pie. The result was a 270 night blood sugar. Unusual for me. I had a bit of berries, brownie with maybe 1/4 cup ice cream tonight and my night reading was 174. This was after 3 tacos for dinner. I take 2000 mgs of Metformin a day. What do you take? I'm type 2 and 70…diagnosed 3 years ago. Very hard to exercise. I have fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue. Meds may cause vision problems. I would love to cut out all meds. My picture is of me yelling at me, tweeked by grandson.

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