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Hello everyone. Here's my problem for the last couple weeks I have been getting blurry vision when I wake up in the morning and sweaty clammy and dry mouth all day long. My vision will clear up for a few mins to 1/2 hr then starts getting blurry again. I'm going to start checking my bs in morning and during the day when im sweatyclammy with the blurred vision to c if there is a pattern starting to form. Anyone else have this when they r hypoglycemic like I am? I would like some suggestions on what to do about this. Thanks for any help u can give me;-)

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Kats49 2014-07-24 18:09:32 -0500 Report

You might be having high BS in the night which would dry you out and make you dehydrated. When the vision is blurry that's one of the signs my body gives me to get my sugars under control. I would definitely let your Endo know what is going on ASAP…We still need more water than most even if we are taking insulin…Check those BS as often as needed and chart in your journal

Robin052 2014-07-14 19:17:15 -0500 Report

I am much older than you, I am sure. I had cataract surgery in 2008 and it went great. In the past few years I noticed my eyes were very dry and crusty in the corners(all of them). I was using eye drops but that didn't last. I also have dry mouth at night but that is from medications I am on. Are you on any medications that would cause that? There is an over the counter thing called biotin you can use. When was the last time you had your eyes checked? People with diabetes should see their eye doctors regularly. That's all I have.

Fussellld 2014-07-14 10:21:08 -0500 Report

Good morning funnygirl98. I too have similar problems, I have to clean my eyes with cold water in the morning to help see clearer. I but eye drops in my eyes recommend by my doctor for dry eye around 3 times a day. I always have a dry mouth and keep water by my side all the time. Make since if you think about it, dry mouth, dry eyes.
Talking about sweat, girl I could carry a bucket around with that water bottle. But instead I carry white towels in bag to wipe my sweat off. Anything can set off a sweat pool I experience, doing laundry, shopping, and the worst taking a shower. Like I said, I carry a towel in my handbag, but also I have one in my car and on my table by chair. The reason the doctors tell me is it is a reaction to all my medication I take. Sometimes I wonder if I could be drug free again. What if?

Chris Combs
Chris Combs 2014-07-14 07:39:45 -0500 Report

my blurry vision started the day after starting Metformin. It will get good for a while, then blurry again, especially in the morning. I have an eye dr appointment next week. My BG is averaging 150 or less right now.

LeatherneckDave 2014-07-14 06:51:01 -0500 Report

Hi there,

You are definitely heading in the right direction by checking your blood sugar more often. If these symptoms are not what you usually get with your meds and normal routine, you have to look at what is new. You just had surgeries, which I hope went well and you are feeling better, and you may be on some new meds to deal with those surgeries. You should check with your doctor to see if one of your meds may be mixing poorly with your normal meds.
My doctor told me one time that a dry mouth is a good indication of high blood sugar, so you definitely want to start monitoring more often.

Stay in touch with your doctor and let him/her know what's going on.

Take care of yourself.

JanKay 2014-07-13 13:25:34 -0500 Report

I am having the same type of problem some nights—- or should I say MORNINGS. My bs was normal (not high enough to take more than 5 extra units of Novolog insulin before bedtime and not lo enough to eat some peanut butter crackers and sweetened orange juice before going to bed) but sometime very early in the morning I woke up covered in sweat. I don't ever eat extra stuff unless the sugar is so low I HAVE to eat something because I am too dizzy to walk. But around 8 when I did get up, get dressed, and walk into where my testing machine is, my bs was over 260. I know for sure I am a type 1 diabetic who needs injected insulin, but I know from test results from the Joslin Diabetic Center many years ago, that my body itself sometimes makes SOME insulin.

Dlaine 2014-07-13 18:30:51 -0500 Report

I also find my self waking puddle of sweat.

it crazy and i don't know why?

Chris Combs
Chris Combs 2014-07-14 07:22:15 -0500 Report

I'm newly diagnosed, and on metformin and glipizide. I had a full hysterectomy over 5 years ago, and this sweating you speak of is almost as bad as the "instant menopause" I went thru after my surgery! I find drinking a bunch of water helps when I get like that. I bought a purse/bag that has a water bottle holder on the side, so I am always armed, lol

Katiespace 2014-07-13 11:00:30 -0500 Report

Hi Funnygirl hope you're doing better now. I was told to keep going to the eye Dr. I use to have sweaty spells but since I got on meds haven't had anymore. You take care a and keep us posted:)K

mrsscorpio66 2014-07-13 10:05:28 -0500 Report

I also live in UK your machinces sound different to mine. I don't get hardly any warning when i am low now except for son saying your sweaty and sound drunk and no I don't drink lol I need to test about eight times a day or more if going out driving

mrsscorpio66 2014-07-13 09:59:05 -0500 Report

Hi funnygirl98
When my blood sugar is low my eyes blurr and hands and arms are sweaty. if I'm high get dry mouth get funny taste in mouth drink loads of water and take extra insulin. If my son is stressing me out (he has ADHD) it can go either way. Regular checking will to establish a pattern if your low in morning maybe check blood in evening and have a biscuit (cookie) before bed just to bring it up slightly. Are you on insulin or tablets. I have been Type 1 for 36 years never been on tablets. Hope this helps x

TopazDee 2014-07-13 05:49:50 -0500 Report

When I was on Glicazide medication for T2 D I would have the same symptoms you have described I also got the shakes it was my sign my BG's were 2 low for me, my pharmacist advised that I carried glucose tablets for an immediate fix followed by a small banana and a sandwich (long acting carbs until next regular meal) as I was loosing weight I gradually cut they medication down now I just watch what I eat.
Wishing you the same success.
Stay Safe xxx

funnygirl98 2014-07-13 08:34:46 -0500 Report

ty everyone for ur responses on my problem… fyi when I checked my bs last night my bs was 163 which is high 4 me. I will let u know more after I c my dr.;-)

Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2014-07-13 04:25:49 -0500 Report

Hi Funny Girl: I have been getting some blurring and dry mouth lately. I check my blood sugar when it happens and the levels are in a good range. So I don't know yet what is causing it. My follow up appt. with my endo is coming up next week. I hope there is an explanation in some of the test results. I pray you find out what's causing yours also.

lindainJapan 2014-07-13 03:17:12 -0500 Report

I could give you a short answer or even a long one as I'm kinda long-winded, but I really think you need to read the experts. If you are type 2 you should get your library to loan you Gretchen Becker's The First Year. Or if you prefer reading online David Mendosa is my fave. If you have Diabetes 1, I'll recommend differently. I've had both. First DM2. Then DM1.

Grandmama16 2014-07-13 02:19:22 -0500 Report

I get dry mouth easily from CPAP in the AM and from meds during the day which may affect my vision. I take 10. I don't think my BS does it. I do go up and down depending on what I eat but usually in the 120 to 180 range. 270 the other eve tho which was definitely an oops. I'm rarely lower than 100 despite 2000 mgs of Metformin. I'm type 2. I wonder if your meds could be causing vision problems. I hope you find out.

hantuni 2014-07-13 01:52:05 -0500 Report

These would be my symptoms of low b's not high, and the dry mouth one I rarely get. My high symptoms are normaly getting overly tired, feeling sick, very thirsty and angry if I'm high,

I'd definitely start testing when you feel your symptoms that way you can narrow it down.

Firefly7 2014-07-13 00:12:07 -0500 Report

Hello Darling Funnygirl, I know when I have those sighs it's hypoglycemic, I have to have plenty of water and protein. Sugar like fruit or juice does not help me. I have to have protein. Like peanut butter on a cracker. Have some hard boil eggs in the fridge for a quick protein shot. And plenty of refeshing cool water! ;-)

stacydalton 2014-07-12 23:25:05 -0500 Report

I would get blurry vision and very clammy / faint with bs drops. Also, serious dehydration can cause vision problems - as well as the other issues you are describing. Be sure you are drinking at least 1/2 your body weight in water ounces daily. If you weigh 150 pounds, you should be drinking 75 ounces of water daily…more if you drink caffeine. Get to your doctor to check your vision and other symptoms - but you can't go wrong with drinking more water. Also, I learned to not gulp huge amounts of water - as your body just pees it out…drink several sips every 30 minutes or so.

rolly123 2014-07-12 22:23:56 -0500 Report

That can be serious u should check bs and c if that u got c eye Docter when my sugar high I get very clammy hands if u check everything possible go Docter with u results write them down bs then he u can figure what's happening hope all goes well for u let us know what u find out

lindainJapan 2014-07-12 22:12:58 -0500 Report

Blurry usually means high to me with sugar seeking to exit in tears and urine. Wanting to urinate my body goes dry mouth so I will drink.
If it's happening with low you may need to adjust your evening meal or snack to a slow burning carb. Are you familiar with dawn effect? Glycemic index? Do you use insulin?

robertoj 2014-07-12 21:46:52 -0500 Report

I really can't tell when it's high. I get light headed, very blurry vision and the shakes when it's low. I bet that it shows to others though.

Skip20 2014-07-12 21:10:59 -0500 Report

I have had my sight get worse when my bs was high for some time A1c 11+ but never anything like you are descibing. Good luck!

RebDee 2014-07-12 21:03:18 -0500 Report

Hyperglycemic is high BS and hypoglycemic is low BS. I get hypoglycemic and know it because my insides seem to be going at a different speed from my outsides. Immediately I take a sugar tablet which seems to stop the symptoms. Then I eat something like an orange. But I don't drink juice. As for hyperglycemia, I have no idea when it gets too high as I get no symptoms.

WestMoon88 2014-07-12 20:52:32 -0500 Report

Yea I check my b.s. at least 6x a day I'm on an insulin pump so it keeps me level thru out the day as long as I'm watching what I eat. If I have high b.s. my vision gets blurry as well I get very drained frequent urination. Low b.s.are the worse I gehave extremely blurred vision bad shake slurred words. It's best to check b.s. allot to make sure you're under control because your body will let you know if your b.s. is high or low just by recognizing your symptoms the way your body feels.

RebDee 2014-07-12 21:06:04 -0500 Report

I too am an insulin pump diabetic. I have had to have my pump settings lowered several times in the past couple of months as my weight goes down. Guess the diet is good for me. I always take my bs first thing in the morning before eating or drinking. That helps me decide what to have for breakfast.

Beurownbf 2014-07-12 20:49:11 -0500 Report

After reading up, your bs can get too low and you can have blurred vision. The treatment for it is You really do need to monitor your bs to get it back under control. It can be quite serious if you don't. Please check it out.

Collette75 2014-07-12 20:47:14 -0500 Report

I test every morning, before even drinking water. I am very thankful that I can control with food. I have had dizziness and balance issues, and found BS too high, and with green tea and two bottles of water I brought it back down. The feeling of faintness scares the heck out of me, I want to wake up when I take a nap I am sure you all know that feeling. My eyes have always had issues, so it's hard to tell if it's my diabetes or not. Can anyone tell me how to regain the feeling in toes? I have feeling on top, but the bottoms are unfeeling.

rolly123 2014-07-12 22:18:53 -0500 Report

Hi I have no feeling on bottom feet I have nerophathy it is serious u got be very careful always wear something on feet check bottom everyday and also don't soak in hot water if can't feel their u can burn them u should go c diabetic Docter to check feet be careful

Collette75 2014-07-13 12:17:05 -0500 Report

I hate shoes, but wear them when I am out and about, barefoot when at home, and inside at friends house. I keep to always bump my toes on everything, then for a little while I have no feeling but then it comes back. Doc says I am doing great without meds to keep up the good work. We are watching it so I don't slip into the medication range. I too have bs from 110 to 165, praying every day that I don't go over, at 165 I feel dizzy, that's green tea time, and I drink cold tea mostly, always drinking cold water. I am starting to do some juicing, not giving up solids, just really enjoy different juices, they curb appetite and make me feel good. I don't exercise, do some walking now and again, working on adding blocks to my walks, once around is all I can do right now, it's too hot at present to do much of anything. At night I actually have chocolate milk around 8pm helps me sleep and makes my bs lower in the mornings. I should be using a CPAP but my clostraphobia is so bad I can't put one on. You know, I really like this chatting, I live alone and really don't have anyone to talk to, that is why I am so long winded on here, and I also LOVE to type.

haoleboy 2014-07-12 20:45:30 -0500 Report

don't mess around with your vision … have you seen an ophthalmologist?
You really should be getting an eye check up at least once a year.
I got 'lucky' and lost vision in only one eye … do not put it off

Beurownbf 2014-07-12 20:41:35 -0500 Report

Hi funnygirl! Our son who is Type 1 just had his vision checked and things are calming down. His blurring was caused by high bs well over 500. Once he leveled out his vision improved. I hope you will get it checked out since hypoglycemia is low bs for the oat part and I'm a little concerned for you. Is your bs fluctuating a lot?

kimfing 2014-07-12 20:26:10 -0500 Report

I was told by my Dr vision will be blurry for bs over 200. Good idea to test first thing in the morning, don't know if u r t1 or t2. How many times a day do u currently test?

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