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June 26, 2014. I had a severe yeast infection, which prompted my dr to have me get blood work done. My blood sugars were over 300, and A1C was 14%. She put me on 500 mg Metformin, twice a day, but could not get down past 260 for my morning/fasting testing. So now she has doubled the Metformin and put me on 5mg on Glipizide. First full day, and morning test was 137, so I guess it is working! I can't believe what I ate before all of this..fast food, candy at night, sugary drinks, etc. I already feel better. First day on Metformin, however, my vision got very blurry. Had to wear my glasses all the time. Now that I'm doubled the Metformin, its almost back to normal. Going to the Dr. next week to make sure I'm ok. Not sure what they can do though, if there HAS been damage? Anyway, glad to find this, and looking forward to meeting many of you!

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jayabee52 2014-07-11 02:18:04 -0500 Report

Howdy Chris
Sorry you qualify for this shindig, but since you do, I'm glad you're here

The blurry vision likely is your "Aqueous Vitra (aka vitreous humor) " getting back into shape after high Blood Glucose (BG) numbers. see ~http://www.healthline.com/human-body-maps/eye....

If you have had damage the best thing you could do now is to keep your BG levels below 140 mg/dl.

Praying not too much damage has been done.


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