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HI Friends. I went to a web site that showed Diabetic cases for sale. One of the accessories was a small plastic box one would use for disposing of used test strips etc. I have been using sugar free tic tac boxes, as well as Thursday Plantation Tooth pick boxes for this ever since I have been a diabetic. They are marked as such, with a red permanent marker and fit in the case I already use. Also, if traveling, one can also use an empty recap able drink bottle (mine are always water bottles). ! have lots of ideas for using things we already buy and are ready to toss for other uses. I Suggest you all add a way for us to all share such uses, add to the "green environment" and get points for re-cycling them.Thanks for this web site,

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bigjrm45 2009-04-02 22:25:36 -0500 Report

I use my Coffee cans for my used needles and test strips then I tape it and toss it.

startwynles58 2009-04-03 00:52:35 -0500 Report

HI THERE! I use coffee cans,all sizes for storage containers. I also use washed peanut utter containers with labels removed to store & keep dry: tea of all kinds(green being my fav) with the laels with all pertinent info inside or taped to the out side. I put Truvie packets in one of these jars, and then since the Truvia box is so nice, I cover it with pictures cut from mags or decorative paper, then use it to sore recipes, my ever present packs of sugar free gum, the ideas are endless. I save tiny zip lock bags(Wal Mart sells them in bulk in the pharmacy area) to use for organizing my purse/diabetic case. You'd be surprized at the uses I find for these and many other things. Keep in Touch—oh—when my husband was on insulin, we used gallon milk containers for all but his needles. I would use another gallon container, once full, I'd either take it to the area hospital or our doc's office for disposal. Ieven mixed quik crete and filled it 2/3's full once it set, I put it in the trash.
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