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Has anyone else been dealing with this in the past? I had to have my shoulder prothesis removed 3 yrs. ago because I was found to haveMYRSA in the area. Now three years later here we go again. I will have the spacer, cement, and pins removed on the 30th of April. Then they will culture the area and clean it up and close the insision.. Then I have to wait to see if anything grows. If not then they will plan on putting in a new prothesis called a Reverse Total Shoulder and Humerous Replacement. Then I will start Therapy and hopefully have less pain and alot more movement. I" d appreciate any reply's Thanks for listening I need to vent, so I don't get my diabete's anymore out of wack then what it already is.
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Not sure what you are talking about MYRSA. Do you mean MRSA virus?

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woops, typo error…Mrsa sorry, I guess I was more upset then I thought I didn't even catch what I typed.