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Ever since my diagnosis in 2013 I have struggled with finding foods I can eat! I recently went into the er for major back pain and they said that I need to lose a lot of weight to have a hope of fixing my problems, well that's easy to tell a person but the foods I think are healthy are just screwing with my levels. I seem to hover around 180 bs and I can't seem to find the right balance!! Any suggestions on what I can do?

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suzgray 2014-07-14 09:50:16 -0500 Report

I don't know about anyone else but I'm getting fed up with trying to figure out the carbs and sugars, not mention I am suppose to lose weight, for some one just starting this time in my life it is so confusing and well very tiring.

Glucerna 2014-07-14 18:32:42 -0500 Report

It definitely can take some time to figure out the best eating plan that promotes weight loss and improves blood sugar control. Often keeping an food log is helpful because it calculates the calories, carbohydrate, protein and fat and you can use this information to make changes in your food choices. Have you tried an online food diary? ~Lynn @Glucerna

ReaderReader12 2014-07-13 01:00:50 -0500 Report

Check out low carb recipes they are so good. No bread, or rice, or anything white and I am feeling great. I did loss some weight and I was beginning to give up hope. Walked past all my trigger foods in the store…and while checking out. Every morning look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud that you are a beautiful person and then try and make any sort of change you can make for the day that you can keep making. Walking in the pool is a great idea. There is hope just do not let the negative creep into your head. I am learning that even little tiny changes can add up. Good Luck

lindainJapan 2014-07-12 22:05:16 -0500 Report

Just turned on to a book called The Slow Down Diet. It's not a calories and exercise thing. Might be something you'd like to read while in the hospital. Less than $5 used on Amazon.

kdc53 2014-07-12 21:50:51 -0500 Report

This is what works for me, no bread (only low carb tortillas), no rice, no potatoes, no fast food, no diet cokes (they have sugars in them,,), meats the size of a hand palm, no sweets, .. I eat old fashioned oats for breakfast, salad for lunch, small plate of a 3 course meal for dinner. Exercise by walking or whatever you can do. Check the Atkins diet, but do not gorge. You can overcome this and you can do the bad eating a few times a month. Take care. Don't listen to ADA.

lindainJapan 2014-07-12 08:29:24 -0500 Report

I remember when moving was painful and the only exercise I could do without misery was pool walking, but I did that. I worked myself up to two and three hours of poolwalking three days per week and it really made a difference. Once my weight came down, I can now walk without knee and feet hurting. You don't realize how nice it feels to be thin and to keep bgs down until you really do it. Low carb will be worth it, take it from one who knows the other side of 300 pounds.

Glucerna 2014-07-12 18:25:27 -0500 Report

What a great idea! I give you a lot of credit for sticking with exercise. You're getting wonderful results. ~Lynn @Glucerna

Chrissy1982 2014-07-11 11:23:54 -0500 Report

It's so easy for the ER Doc's to say this cold easy words especially if they are passing along to get that M. D. You know your body best. First are you 1 or 2? Either way it alls comes down to calories consumed then calories burned off. If you walk your body STOPS burning calories when you stop walking, 30 to 45 minutes of cardio with weight training you continue to burn, you will have to check you blood before during and after working out then before bed and a few 2ams until you know how your body reacts.
As for food NO ABSOLUTELY NO WHITE CARBS, whole grains protein

Leiden 2014-07-11 11:23:40 -0500 Report

Hi Kristi
I, too, have trouble with the carbs. I still eat the foods I like and want, but with a greater degree of moderation than previously. I have reduced how often I have bread and the amount. I did find a Sara Lee bread with only 90 calories for two slices. For carbs like potatoes, rice, and pasta, I have no more than half a cup and I've increased my vegetables to 1.5 to 2 cups depending on the vegetable. My nutritionist also recommended I increase my protein intake (I eat a lot of fish and chicken!) to reduce the carb intake. I've been using diet organizer software to help plan my meals. It's work doing it this way, but it has been paying off. I've also increased my exercise from none to 3-4 days a week.

Glucerna 2014-07-11 16:48:42 -0500 Report

I really like the way you continue to eat foods you enjoy but in smaller portions while increasing vegetables and protein. It sounds like it's working really well for you. ~Lynn @Glucerna

HelloKristi 2014-07-11 16:18:06 -0500 Report

Thanks for the info!! I need to force myself to go walking!! I'm just so tired of headaches, felling sick all the time… All of it!!

rolly123 2014-07-10 19:09:16 -0500 Report

It takes a lot work I've been diabetic for twenty more years my sic was 13 last year for long time I got real serious got aic to6.4 it took a lot water and a lot insulin extra Docter doesn't know so be serous of it my mom died diabetic difficulties she didn't take it serous she was on dialysis it's in my family line so got get better keep trying

jayabee52 2014-07-10 14:30:06 -0500 Report

Howdy Kristi.
in 2011 I developed an eating plan on which I lost 65 lbs and was able to stop my use of diabetes meds (NPH insulin) and maintain my weight to this day (some 3+ yrs later). But you'll probably not like it due to your carboholic nature. I will be willing to share it with you should you request it.

Praying for a good solution for you


HelloKristi 2014-07-11 11:04:29 -0500 Report

I would love to see it! I'm ready for huge change, I was in the er on my 8th wedding anniversary and my husband actually cried cause he is scared of losing me :(

Skip20 2014-07-11 13:04:08 -0500 Report

I can understand as you are quite the attractive woman and I am sure just as nice, I would not want to lose you either. that is your biggest motivation, though i am a little older I still have teenagers and a wife as well and its them that makes me want to do better as I want to live long enough to see them grow up and have families of thier own. It is hard, beyond hard but find whatever it is that motivates you and roll with it, you are too young to let something like this knock you down. Hit me anytime, i struggle everyday and need the comaraderie and support as well.

HelloKristi 2014-07-11 13:07:41 -0500 Report

I appreciate the compliment! Idk if you have a Facebook or not but mine is Kitti Kristi if u wish to add me. I find that working out is the toughest for me… I'm trying to do as much as I can but it's painful! But I know it will get easier with time

Skip20 2014-07-11 13:39:06 -0500 Report

Yea, working out is hell, i hate it and dont do as much as I should. Start of by walking, do some yoga, i hear that is great! I sent a FB mess verifying it is you.

HelloKristi 2014-07-10 11:13:25 -0500 Report

I drink lots of water as it is but getting rid of breads, rice and such will be the hardest… I'm a carbaholic lol

Skip20 2014-07-10 11:09:19 -0500 Report

Finally, you must put bread, pasta, potatoes and rice out of your life, act like they dont exist, diet drinks too! Drink lots of water, 75-80oz per day! If I can do it anyone can, it will be challenging at first but then you get in a rythem and you will watch weight drop off. Good luck!

HelloKristi 2014-07-10 11:02:45 -0500 Report

Ty for the tips!!! I am seeing my doc on August 1st to talk to her about weight loss and quitting smoking! I will try the record thing, I tried once before but I wouldn't write down the bad stuff :)

Glucerna 2014-07-10 18:10:24 -0500 Report

What gets in the way of writing down 'the bad stuff'? The more honest you are with yourself about what you're eating and why you're eating, the more success you'll have in reaching your goals. ~Lynn @Glucerna

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-07-10 10:57:30 -0500 Report

Start with writing down everything you eat in a journal or notebook. Then make an appointment with a registered dietitian. Take the book with you. Together the two of you will come up with a healthy meal plan you can follow.

In the meantime, start eating more fresh veggies, less starchy foods such as breads, potatoes, rice and pasta. Go for low cal salad dressings. Try not to eat out for at least a month which means no fast foods at all unless you go for something grilled.

Try to exercise more often, broil, bake or grill everything and leave off breading. Do not eat any prepared frozen meals or meals in a box. Stay away from canned foods as much as possible.

If you want a snack go for low fat greek yogurt, nuts, sugar free jello, celery/carrot sticks or peanut butter and whole wheat crackers. Drink more water and if you want flavor, buy crystal light. The Wal-Mart version is much cheaper and taste the same.

Go on You Tube and learn how to read food labels there is all kinds of diabetic videos on that site. The good thing is you can start and stop the video if you want to take notes or just download them to your computer. There are a lot of recipes on this site that will help you.

What ever you choose to do you are going to have to find a way to stick to the program and only you can find out what will or will not work for you. Good luck

Skip20 2014-07-10 10:54:53 -0500 Report

Kristi, I was diagnosed 5 yrs ago and have struggled from day 1. i have recently gotten serious and have found success eating extrememely low carb almost a ketonic diet trying to stay below 50 net carbs per day. i have done it monitoring every thing i eat with MyfitnessPal, record everything literally. i have another site that wiill help you with Percentages of Fat, Protien and Carbs. I am happy to discuss further with you with what has worked for me.

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