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Ive heard so many different things…anyone know something?

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freddyg2u 2009-04-04 23:11:12 -0500 Report

Well, the VA whereI goion Chillicothe, Ohio presc

freddyg2u 2009-04-04 23:13:39 -0500 Report

Opps! If a vet has glacoma sometimes they get a script for marijuana. I think it helps the macular region in the backof the eyes. All this can be attributed to diabetese in most severe
case. I hope this helps. Fred

lipsie 2009-04-01 18:02:14 -0500 Report

Hiyas, I dunno but my friend has MS and is on a pill form of it, I forget the name of it Minrenal or something. She said it don't give you the munchie part of it too. Just a thought. Good luck though, for real. Sheila

alwaystryin 2009-04-01 18:05:55 -0500 Report

lipsie, if you could provide me with the actual name of the 'pill' that would be great.

lipsie 2009-04-03 06:22:06 -0500 Report

I sure will check into it, she JUST went into have a baby yesterday lol so I am to call her later…after I get back from my doctor appt. I will and let's hope she's alert enough to know wtf I mean! LOL But yeah I will find out. np Sheila

DJ 2009-04-03 07:35:53 -0500 Report

Hmmmmm…I too would be interested to know what this pill form is.Hugz,*DJ

Frustrated mom
Frustrated mom 2009-04-01 13:19:38 -0500 Report

Not to sure about Diabetes, but i am sure others would be glad if it got legalized everywhere, I hear talk about it may soon be legalidzed in Oklahoma. But I am not sure? I would worry with a diabetic, that they would get high and eat too much and not cover their food.I know that some Doctors perscripe it to patients that have glacoma, and ones that are on chemo. I personally think it is much better than alcohol. Maybe it is the new cure all? Ha, Ha…

alwaystryin 2009-04-01 10:47:15 -0500 Report

I have also seen firsthand the positive impact it can have on pain, as well as so many more of things that effect diabetes. Other than the legal implications, the 'munchie's' also factor in as far as weight control goes. Here in CA, it is legal in some regards at the State level, however, it is still illegal at the Fed level.

And perhaps my Wife's tongue in cheek observations that someday marijuana and chocolate will aid in the cure of this disease. THIS ALL IN FUN?

highlandcitygirl 2009-04-01 10:50:02 -0500 Report

i laugh 'till my sides are killing me, when i read the side effects of the drugs i am taking!

freddyg2u 2009-04-04 23:18:55 -0500 Report

Yeah,when the makers of any drugs tells us that if we have severe pains, swollen feet, diahrea and like symptoms,do not take this medicine. DUH! Weed works too bad it isn't legal but then if it was would we still buy it. Haha. Fred

highlandcitygirl 2009-04-01 10:35:24 -0500 Report

it does very well with the pain of neuropathy, but as noted is not legal! sooo i have to use another drug(neurontin) for my condition, which doesn't work near as well.

2009-03-31 21:13:26 -0500 Report

Are you asking about how marijuana affects Diabetes? I don't know if it can help with Diabetes but I do know that it helps people with nausea from cancer treatments and it also helps with the pain from arthritis. And also if taken in small doses in an edible form (fudge, cookies etc..) it can control asthma by calming down the nerves in the lungs.

I just saw on the news that a man went to jail for treating his cancer with it as the judge said that it was illegal regardless of what you are using it for. That's in WI, in other states it's legal for medicinal purposes at least at the state level. Federally it's illegal everywhere.

Just what I know

rbergman 2009-03-31 21:47:55 -0500 Report

It is also used for migraine headaches and Glaucoma but again, not legal in a lot of states regardless if for medical or not, I too have never heard of it being used to control diabetes itself though.


mike67 2010-04-25 21:48:39 -0500 Report

Robin, your right i have never heard of it being used to control blood sugar levels with diabetics, although it is used and legal in several states now to control diabetic neuropathy pain and sleeplessness associated with diabetics, some states even have there own dispenseries now like new mexico, rhode island, michigan, oregan, and i think vermont also just approved state clinics for medical marijuana. I can not say which patients are right for that treatment, only their doctor can do that.

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