Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults / type 1

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Hi, I was originally diagnosed April 2013 with type 2 but in June went to a great new endo doc and found out I have Latent Autoimmune Diabetes or Type 1. Has anyone else been diagnosed with this? It's basically Type 1 from what I read and it's not like it's better or worse than Type 2 right? My A1C in March of this year was 7.1 and in June, 10.2. My doc started me on Lantus Solostar at night and kept me on all my oral meds plus Victoza. He suggested that I may also need a mealtime insulin and I'm going to ask for that since I can't seem to eat anything right and I'm not an extremist when it comes to my diet. Anyone else have this LADA diagnosis?

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